Team Leader Recurring Pipeline Inspection
VESCON Process

Recurring – and yet always different.

Do you remember “Groundhog day”? This is the film in which Bill Murray, a neurotic reporter, experiences the same day over and over again. What Bill sees as hell would be heaven for process-engineering plants. Because if everything were always to run the same way, there would be no downtimes of equipment and pipelines. As everyone knows, this is not the case, which is why Natalie and her team carry out recurring pipeline inspections to ensure smooth operation. Over and over again.

“The fact that unforeseen things can happen in the real world can already be seen from my CV,” says Natalie. “I’m actually a graduate electrical engineer, but sometimes another opportunity comes along.” Of course, Natalie can still shine with her technical know-how when she carries out isometric checks with her team, makes new drawings or inspects pipelines. There is always a lot to do, and this is also due to the special nature of VESCON: “We carry out pipeline tests with ultrasonic thickness measurements (UTMs), which is a substitute test for pressure testing,” explains Natalie. “This enables us to carry out our measurements while the plant is in operation and prevents plant downtimes. This is of course very interesting for the operators, as it is cheaper.”

But it’s not only the customers who benefit from VESCON, Natalie also identifies many advantages for herself: “The working atmosphere is really very good, the colleagues are generally in a good mood. And when projects go well, managers also give positive feedback, which is very motivating. I’ve had different experiences in other companies. We also have a great deal of freedom here and can organise our time as we best see fit.”

This flexibility suits Natalie very well, as she also has a small family and numerous hobbies that she would like to take care of. Besides swimming and dancing she also has a passion for riding. “We've got an open stable around here, there’s plenty to do. Over and over again.”