Construction and Assembly

High-powered, in-depth Know-how.

When it comes to maximum voltage, the supreme discipline in the field of power distribution, VESCON can look back on decades of experience. VESCON runs projects realizing the conventional air-insulated construction of maximum and high voltage (110kV to 380kV) transformer stations and switchgear systems for integrated power networks. Our range of services covers the dismantling as well as the upgrading or extension and the new construction of plants. In addition, we act as general contractors and realise turnkey projects based on our profound know-how.

We pride ourselves on being a reliable and flexible partner for our clients, quality of work and occupational safety are our highest priority every single day. Our service technicians are trained and instructed in regular intervals. Quality and work safety have top priority in all installation processes. Moreover, we are certified according to SCC**.


Our experience in the field of primary assembling includes the following services:

  • Assembling and adjusting primary equipment
  • Assembling equipment stranding and plant tensioning systems, piping and busbars
  • Laying, pressing, and connecting grounding connections and lightning protection systems

When it comes to the field of secondary assembling, we have a great deal of experience in the following services:

  • Supplying and assembling protection, control and regulation cabinets, as well as power distribution systems
  • Constructing cable routes, laying cables and overseeing their connection and fibre-optic assemblies as well as their connection and LWL assemblies
  • Installing all lighting systems and power points
  • Ensuring that power supply systems have been appropriately installed in buildings                                                                                                                                                  
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