Welcome to the Process business unit

Our input for your output.

Thanks to more than 15 years of experience gained in over 1,000 successfully realised projects we have a profound knowledge in all areas related to process technological systems. More than 100 highly qualified employees* work in the Process division and ensure that our customers from a wide variety of industries achieve their individual goals. We consider ourselves a partner to our clients who attaches great importance to precise planning not only when it comes to technical issues but also with regard to project management. This is how we can ensure that new and existing plants are seamlessly integrated into our customers’ process environments. put simply: cost effectiveness and quality are paramount to us during the planning stage whilst ensuring that deadlines always met, as this is the most failsafe way to ensure customer success.

Our services are your benefits

  • Analysis, assessment and optimisation of production processes
  • New conception of complete plants
  • planning of the expansion/reconstruction of existing plants
  • Preparation and revision of plant documentations
  • Visualisation of production processes
  • Control, measurement and regulation of production processes
  • Professional and transparent project management
  • Use of up-to-date and well coordinated planning tools         
  • On-site support of the customer's planning team


Cologne Frankenthal
Norbert Happ
Division Head EMSR/PLT Cologne
Phone +49 221 1207169-0
Dürkheimer Straße 130
D-67227 Frankenthal
Stefan Ruthmann
Management Process
Phone +49 6233 6000-0
Thomas Gärtner
Division Head Plant Engineering Process
Phone +49 6233 6000-580

Working at VESCON Process.

Dedication that is rewarded.

Our wide range of services in the field of process engineering systems guarantees projects are interesting and that there are always new challenges. We greatly appreciate the dedication and hard work of our employees*. That’s why we do so much to ensure that they feel at home and can unleash their potential with us.

The VESCON Group

As a system integrator, VESCON plans and implements projects in the automation, special machinery, software, process, aqua and energy fields to sustainably support customers on their way to Industry 4.0. More than 500 employees at multiple European locations are committed to working with our customers (planners, suppliers and operators) in a wide range of industries:

  • Automotive industry
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Electrical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Medical technology & pharmaceuticals
  • Energy sector
  • Drinking water and wastewater plants

Our customers include companies of all sizes, renowned international industrial groups and ‘hidden champions’ from the SME sector.

VESCON Process GmbH
Waltherstraße 80, Building 2007
D-51069 Cologne

Phone: +49 221 1207169-0
Fax: +49 221 1207169-88
Mail: koeln@vescon.com

VESCON Slovakia s. r. o.
Minská 7/5 
SK-036 08 Martin

Phone: +421 43 42815-21
Fax: +421 43 42815-44
Mail: m.galcikova@vescon.com

VESCON Automation GmbH
H-9027 Györ

Phone: +49 8165 90516-120
Fax: +49 8165 90516-130
Mail: vca.eching@vescon.com

VESCON Automation s. r. o.
Stará  Prievozská 2
SK-821 09 Bratislava

Phone: +421 2 58104 -111
Fax: +421 2 58104 -129
Mail: bratislava@vescon.com

VESCON Systemtechnik GmbH
Industriestraße 1
A-8200 Gleisdorf

Phone: +43 3112 36006-0
Fax:  +43 3112 36006-88
Mail: gleisdorf@vescon.com 

VESCON Energy GmbH
Merkurring 110
D-22143 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 18138418-0
Fax: +49 40 18138418-88

Toni Werner
Phone: +49 40 18138418-30
Mail: toni.werner@vescon.com

Maik Karge
Phone: +49 40 18138418-33
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Heidenkampsweg 101
20097 Hamburg
Mail: aqua@vescon.com

Maik Bösch
Phone: +49 40 2364854-60 
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VESCON Automation GmbH
Robert-Bosch-Straße 2
D-35447 Reiskirchen

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Mail: reiskirchen@vescon.com

VESCON Energy GmbH
Welfenstraße 19
D-70736 Fellbach

Phone: +49 711 6733160-0
Fax: +49 711 6733160-188

Toni Werner
Phone +49 40 18138418-30
Mail: toni.werner@vescon.com

Maik Karge
Phone: +49 40 18138418-33
Mail: maik.karge@vescon.com

VESCON Automation GmbH
Oskar-von-Miller-Straße 1
D-85386 Eching

Phone: +49 8165 90516-120
Fax: +49 8165 90516-130
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VESCON Automation GmbH
VESCON Process GmbH

Dürkheimer Straße 130
D-67227 Frankenthal
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PrintoLUX GmbH
Dürkheimer Straße 130
D-67227 Frankenthal
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Mail: info@printolux.com

VESCON Process GmbH
Leichtmetallstraße 22 A
D-42781 Haan

Phone: +49 6233 6000-370
Fax: +49 2104 8089-350
Mail: haan@vescon.com

Conrad-Röntgen-Straße 1
D-24941 Flensburg

Olaf Kremsier
+49 171 1455009

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Gadelander Str. 172 
D-24539 Neumünster

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Westerbreite 7
D-49084 Osnabrück

Henning Pohlmann
+49 541600187-33

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