Smart Production

Production can be so Smart.

Greater transparency, greater efficiency, greater output? You can tap the full potential of your production with SO3-HIBERION. The powerful MES system was developed in cooperation with selected customers and opens up future-oriented possibilities for optimising production.

SO3-HIBERION offers all features of smart production and can be individually adapted to your company. Simple recording of projects and order times can be realised as well as complex production data recording with ERP connection and extensive plausibility checks. Tap the full potential in your production – with our know-how.

SO3-HIBERION Production Data Logging (PDL).

Today, transparency and complete traceability are the basic prerequisites for the success of a manufacturing company.   VESCON's SO3-HIBERION modular, industry-independent production data logging system provides a tool that records the production data of all process segments in detail – from order acceptance to process feedback.

SO3-HIBERION Production Statistics (OEE dashboard).

Production status and efficiency (OEE/TEEP) can be accessed at any time via site, workshop and plant dashboards, on the go on the tablet or on the PC in the office. LIVE trends and distribution of all measured values are available, as are automatic alarms when warning limits are exceeded.

These functions prevent quality losses before they occur. In addition, the productivity and competitiveness of the plants can be continuously increased by the optimisation potential of the cycle times shown. Losses in efficiency can be identified early on and the necessary internal production processes can be better planned.

At the same time, delivery dates can be forecast more precisely. The more exact the time, personnel and machine capacities are recorded, the better deadlines can be planned and controlled. Delayed delivery dates are a thing of the past, customer satisfaction rises.

SO3-HIBERION Maintenance Scheduler (Predictive Maintenance).

Predictive maintenance and ongoing servicing are essential factors for trouble-free and fault-free operation of production plants. The SO3-HIBERION Maintenance Scheduler coordinates and prioritises all necessary maintenance work according to your specifications. Whether an individual maintenance schedule, time intervals, quantities or key figures from the PDL: With the SO3-HIBERION Maintenance Scheduler you are always one step ahead of unplanned downtimes.

SO3-HIBERION Interactive Training Matrix.

The interactive training matrix makes personnel management for your plant operators as simple as it is efficient. The degree of operator training is automatically determined from the production data acquisition data and work instructions are adjusted accordingly. All information about trained operators, employees in training and employees who still need training can be retrieved in the training dashboard.

SO3-HIBERION Online Documentation.

The technical description, maintenance plan, electrical plan, drawing or operating manual for each component of your system immediately? With the SO3-HIBERION online documentation everything is available to you at your fingertips in a snap. Simply scan the QR code on the plant component and retrieve the desired information on any mobile device.

SO3-HIBERION Control and Info Tower (Large Screen)

The innovative Control and Info Tower combines a 24" touch PC and a 42" large screen display in a slim tower and serves as a central information hub for every system. The status of production can be seen at any time and in the event of malfunctions, information for rectification is displayed. All order and prescription data can be managed and production statistics and dashboards can be called up via the touch PC.

Smart Production
Martin Feichtgraber
Division Head Software Development
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