Pipe Statics

Economic success can easily be measured.

Pipe static calculations are playing an increasingly important role in pipeline planning – not only because of legal requirements that are becoming increasingly stringent. Systems are becoming increasingly compact, and at the same time the cost-effectiveness of planning is moving even further into the foreground.

With our own department and the whole range of relevant calculation methods, we support our customers in overcoming these challenges. You can rely on the experience of our specialists* from the design of individual components through flange and nozzle checks to the pipe stress analysis of complex piping systems. Speaking of know-how: We are naturally familiar with all European and international standards (DIN EN, ANSI-ASME). And we will also find the optimum economic solution for you when it comes to complicated issues involved in hot-running piping systems. Take advantage of our dedication. We will also be happy to advise you directly on site.

Pipe Stress Analysis

  • Pipe stress analysis with the Intergraph Caesar II software
  • Pipe stress analysis with the Sigma Rohr2 software
  • Analysis performed according to EN13480, ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, BS 7159
  • Pipe stress analyses of steel pipes, pipes with heat tracing/sheathed pipes, coated and enamelled pipes, plastic and GRP pipelines
  • Simplified elasticity checks according to AD 2000 HP100R
  • Preparation of technical inquiry specifications for springs, constant hangers, expansion joints, special pipe bearings
  • Creation of load tables for transfer to the steel construction industry
  • Creation of site-specific analysis specifications
  • Preparation of pre-verifiable documentation

Component verification

  • Strength verification of pipe components with DIMy software according to EN 13480 and AD2000
  • FE verification of special pipe components such as Y-pieces according to ASME Section VIII, Div.2
  • Cam calculations according to EN13480
  • Preparation of technical inquiry specifications

Nozzle checks

  • > Detection of apparatus nozzles with FEPipe
  • > Detection of apparatus nozzles with NozzlePro
  • > Detection of apparatus nozzles with WRC107
Pipe Statics
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