IT security

For the IT protection of your system.

Contaminated drinking water caused by a cyber attack? What sounds like science fiction can become reality with the increasing digitalisation of waterworks and sewage treatment plants. You too can protect your plant. With the establishment of its own IT department 5 years ago, Aqua has made it its business to protect sewage treatment plants and waterworks from cyber attacks. We secure your data and control network access.

Remote maintenance

We are always there for you – even when we are not on site. Via remote maintenance service, we can connect to your system from anywhere as soon as you give us access. We are your contact for the maintenance of your waterworks or sewage treatment plant.

Network monitoring

If you like, we can constantly monitor your system remotely. By permanently monitoring and checking the status of the hardware and software of your waterworks or sewage treatment plant, we detect errors in the system in time. We can act quickly, and you reduce the downtime of your plant.

Service, maintenance and on-call service

We ensure comprehensive IT support for your waterworks or sewage treatment plant – for the entire service life of the IT solution. Our accompanying service, regular maintenance – on request also via remote maintenance access – and our 24/7 on-call service ensure the constant availability of your IT systems and processes of your plant. Security round the clock, completely customised to your individual needs.

Consulting and administration

The infrastructure for your IT security must be regularly maintained and administered. We offer you comprehensive advice and administration completely customised to your individual needs.

Common goals for your investments

IT security
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