Welcome to VESCON

What inspires us more than technology:
Our customers' success!

As a medium-sized engineering service provider and plant engineer, we manage projects in a large variety of fields ranging from Automation Technology to Process Engineering, right through to Energy Technology and Software solutions. What is most important, however: We provide solutions that push our customers forward. Apart from our sound expertise and many years of experience, there is another decisive factor that our success is based upon: Our employees' dedication.

This dedication starts as early as the planning phase of each project, when the foundation of future sucess for a project is prepared. While even the smallest inaccuracies can have major negative impacts on our customer's competitiveness, it is also true that minimal optimisation may lead to maximum savings. All in all, our dedication increases your competitiveness right from the very first step.

This philosophy has made us a reliable partner for a rising number of customers, mainly because we are also measured by our customers' success.

As of January 2019, VESCON is part of the SCIO Automation Group.

Five business units are not all we have to offer: Please visit the website of our affiliated company PrintoLUX GmbH to learn more about future-oriented solutions in industrial labelling.


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Relaunch: VESCON Website with a new look

Jobs, Flyers and other marketing material have been hinting towards the change in VESCON’s corporate design. In the last step, the website has been relaunched and can now be seen with its sleek and modern new design.

Jobs, Flyers and other marketing material have been hinting towards the change in VESCON’s corporate design. In the last step, the website has been relaunched and can now be seen with its sleek and modern new design.

The large header pictures with our colleagues, which are seen consistently throughout all pages, are especially notable. These headers have also been placed on other marketing material in the past few months.

For these headers, about 100 employees were photographed at different VESCON locations. “It was important to us to give VESCON a face instead of presenting only facts and figures,” says Dietmar Haubenhofer, VESCON General Manager.

With the new website we are primarily targeting candidates and future employees and are aiming to provide them with a deeper and more personified insight into VESCON, showing what it’s like to work here. At the same time, our business units and services are presented in great detail. The connection between the technical and the personal side of VESCON is also mirrored in the colour scheme, combining cool technical blue-grey hues with a warm and emotional red tones.

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„Stronger Together“ – New Vitamin V Motto for 2019

The VESCON health initiative Vitamin V is starting the new year with the motto “Stronger Together”. The new motto was presented at the end of May in the Vitamin V room at our Frankenthal office. The Vitamin V steering committee had previously developed the theme and the related activities with the input from the Vitamin V scouts.

The VESCON health initiative Vitamin V is starting the new year with the motto “Stronger Together”. The new motto was presented at the end of May in the Vitamin V room at our Frankenthal office. The Vitamin V steering committee had previously developed the theme and the related activities with the input from the Vitamin V scouts.

With “Stronger Together” the focus lies on solidarity and teamwork. The sum of individuals is decisive for the company’s success. “With this new theme we would like to strengthen the teams from within and promote group activities,” says Nina Gösele, Vitamin V Fitness Coach.

The planned activities include, among others, team events like SCRUM-Cooking, a blind walk, the participation in the BASF initiative Helden.Retten.Leben (Heroes.Save.Lives), Stand-Up Paddling and a team step challenge.

 In addition, the Vitamin V activities will be reinforced with a variety of courses and online training videos. Relaxation and muscle-building exercises can therefore be done easily from home or on the road. The offered course plan targets especially those VESCON employees who spend a large portion of their time working on construction sites or in factories, and therefore are not able to join the courses offered at our offices.

More information on Vitamin V can be found here

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Official Launch: VESCON, Schiller and Quadriga Capital announce closing.

Today the VESCON Group and the Schiller Group have officially closed on the merger into a unified holding Company led by the new majority shareholder Quadriga Capital. The antitrust authorities have approved the merger, which has been entered in the commercial register.

From now on it is official: The VESCON Group (Headquartered in Frankenthal) and the Schiller Group (Headquartered in Osterhofen) are moving towards a promising future with Quadriga Capital Consulting (Headquartered in Frankfurt). The antitrust authorities have agreed to bundle both Corporations into a joint holding under the leadership of the majority Shareholder Quadriga Capital. The holdings appointed management team includes Michael Goepfarth (CEO) and Peter Bürger (CFO).

With the entry into the commercial register, the integration process has now begun. Both companies, VESCON and Schiller, will remain operationally autonomous. Strategic leadership and cultural governance will take place through joint projects and the through the holding. During the upcoming weeks the first steps will be taken in order to implement the future strategy.

“We are very pleased that we can fully concentrate on the common future of both companies from now on”, says VESCON Manager Peter Bürger. “In the upcoming weeks and months, we will already be making the first joint decisions to strengthen future development.”

The closing is also the official starting shot towards a promising future for Michael Goepfarth, who joined the Management team next to Peter Bürger and Dietmar Haubenhofer von December 1st, 2018:“VESCON and Schiller complement each other optimally. Together with Quadriga Capital, we will now begin to leverage the extensive potential this merger poses across all business areas.”

With Schiller and Quadriga towards a leading Platform.

As of December 1st, 2018, VESCON and Schiller have announced the bundling of competencies and skills in a  joint holding company, with Quadriga Capital as the majority shareholder. Schiller Automatisierungstechnik GmbH and Schiller Engineering & Maschinenbau GmbH, with more than 200 Employees, are successful in the fields of Automation, Intralogistics and Clean Rooms. Spanning over 5 locations, including a site in Shenyang, China, the company develops systems, machines and solutions that aim to set new standards. One of the most important innovations is the autonomous tugger train, which has great potential as a breakthrough in logistical solutions of the future.

“With Schiller and Quadriga by our sides, we will build a leading platform of medium-sized companies for Industrial Automation Solutions and for other Plant Construction and Engineering Services”, summarizes Dietmar Haubenhofer, VESCON’s CEO. “We are confident that we will be able to announce further milestones throughout this year.”

Profile: The new Group.

With the unification of Schiller Automatisierungstechnik, Schiller Engineering & Maschinenbau and the VESCON Group, the new conglomerate now has more than 700 employees at 16 locations in four European countries and in the People’s Republic of China. Among its customers, who we support in the fields of Automation, Intralogistics, Process, Special Machinery, Energy and Software, are medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. One important focal point is on the area of Automation for automotive customers, which not only include automotive manufacturers but also their suppliers. The turnover of the entire conglomerate is estimated to amount more than 100 million Euros.

Careers at VESCON

We don’t just offer jobs, we offer perspectives.

VESCON was established in 1993 and is today successfully operating at home and abroad as a medium-sized engineering service provider and plant engineering company with about 550 employees at 11 locations. In our Automation, Process, Energy, Special Machinery and Software business units, we plan and manage challenging projects for renowned customers in a wide range of industries.

Our employees are our greatest asset. For this reason, we ensure that each one feels at home at VESCON and becomes part of our tight-knit team. Flat hierarchies and an "open door policy" are not just empty buzzwords but form part of our day-to-day working relationship. Furthermore, we encourage an independant working style and offer our employees various opportunities to develop their own strengths. We make sure to guarantee a healthy work-life-balance – as we believe this is the key to long-term success.

We are looking for people who want to participate in the development of innovative practice-oriented projects and who support our team by bringing in their own initiative and dedication. If you are as fascinated by new technologies as by the search for new solutions, we look forward to your application. 

We are focused on the needs of our employees*. We promote personal strengths and involve all colleagues* in decisions such as when it comes to distributing projects.
We are not dominated by rigid structures but by flexible opportunities, for example with regard to working hours and locations. Also, because we attach great importance to an excellent work-life balance.
Fewer supervisors, more opportunities At VESCON we are on equal footing with each other when it comes to work and make most decisions together in a team so that everyone can contribute their ideas.
Mutual appreciation is our top priority. We see ourselves as a team, support each other and stand up for each other. That’s because only by working together can we be successful.
Taking the initiative and a high degree of personal responsibility are very important to us. No supervisor who constantly looks over your shoulder, but projects that you can take into your own hands.
Many different customers, many specialist areas, a wide range of tasks: Employees who work at VESCON have a very interesting job – and with it all the opportunities for further development.
Having many customers presents many challenges. That's why hardly any of our projects are alike. Variety is guaranteed and boring routine is guaranteed not to come up.

The VESCON Group

VESCON sees itself as a system integrator who plans and realises projects in the fields of Automation, Process, Special Machinery, Energy and Software. More than 550 employees in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary work for our customers (planners, suppliers and operators) in the Automotive industry, Mechanical and Plant Engineering, Chemical Industry, Energy Supply, Electrical Industry, Medical Technology and Pharmaceuticals. Our customers include companies of all sizes, renowned international industrial corporations, as well as ‘hidden champions’ from medium-sized companies.

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