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How do our customers achieve Industry 4.0? Using our tailored solutions.

As an engineering service provider and plant manufacturer, VESCON's top priority is supporting our customers on their journey to Industry 4.0 and to ensure their sustainable success. To this end, we support our customers with integration services that are fit for the future, as well as customised product solutions in our Automation, Special Machinery, Software, Process, Aqua and Energy business units. VESCON is fully focused on building the smart factories of tomorrow, as we are a member of the SCIO Automation international automation platform.

What you can expect from us:

  • value-added system integration and innovations that are tailored to your specific needs
  • automation and process technology expertise that ensures your processes are as efficient as they can possibly be
  • planning, implementation and after-sales service from a single source
  • almost 30 years of experience in a wide range of engineering services and plant engineering sectors
  • close collaboration based on a partnership model, and trust at all levels
  • extensive international expertise in a vast array of industries

Our employees are always there when you need them, and are the key to your success. Their expertise, dedication and service with a smile is what makes the VESCON Group special. More.


Six business units are not all we have to offer: Please visit the website of our affiliated company PrintoLUX GmbH to learn more about future-oriented solutions in industrial labelling.


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What opportunities does a dual study program at VESCON offer me?

Independent work, a high degree of personal responsibility and personal development across departmental and company boundaries. A dual study program at the VESCON Group is so much more than the link between practice and theory. One person who should know is Rico, dual student of electrical engineering at VESCON.

Independent work, a high degree of personal responsibility and personal development across departmental and company boundaries. A dual study program at the VESCON Group is so much more than the link between practice and theory. You can try yourself out, go new ways and shape your career start individually. Rico, dual student of electrical engineering at VESCON, is one of those who should know. During one of his practical phases, he took the opportunity to participate in the student exchange program between our partner company tmp GmbH automation & engineering and VESCON. At tmp, Rico went through the "Knowledge-Base" training program for interns and students and got to know PLC programming better in all its facets - from the basics to the realization of his own project, everything is included in the training program. 

"My goal is to join the project management team later on. For this, it is necessary that I acquire in-depth know-how in the area of PLC programming. The exchange at tmp has given me another perspective on possible solutions and approaches, while at the same time deepening my knowledge through active exchange with colleagues on site," says Rico. 

With the help of the knowledge base and the close cooperation with the team, the students can quickly build up competencies and work independently in a very short time.

"I immediately felt at home in tmp's familiar environment and was able to immerse myself in the world of PLC programming. After going through the first two modules of the knowledge base - the basics and commissioning - I was already able to tackle my first own task: The development of a device module for the Cognex camera of a training cell. Despite the short time, I learned an enormous amount."

Fun was not neglected either: the team went on excursions together, went out to eat, and even went water skiing. For Rico Großmann, this was a great way to balance out the stressful university and work routine, and it was also a great place for private exchanges with colleagues. 

"Working at eye level and team spirit is really important here" - with these words Rico said goodbye to tmp.

VESCON and tmp both belong to the international automation platform SCIO Automation. The 10 medium-sized companies in the group to date rely on very close cooperation and the exchange of knowledge across company boundaries. This results in a variety of opportunities within the group to get a taste of other companies (cultures) and to individually shape one's own career entry during the dual study program.

In close cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University and the Munich University of Applied Sciences, you have the chance to study with us in an exciting way, with great colleagues, a lot of know-how, different companies and a lot of fun.

Starting in October 2023, we are looking for dual students in the fields of electrical engineering and applied computer science.

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Successful conversion of a vehicle assembly with electric monorail system

A German car manufacturer approached VESCON Automation with the wish to convert & expand an existing car assembly line with an electric monorail system. The challenges that arose during the course of the project and how they were overcome are reported by the departments involved. The end result was a system with brilliant production performance.

A German car manufacturer approached VESCON Automation with the request to convert an existing car final assembly and to expand the load capacity of the electric monorail system. The challenges that arose during the course of the project and how they were mastered are reported by our specialist departments involved. The end result was a system with brilliant production performance.

But what was actually to be done?

For a German car manufacturer, an existing final assembly line for passenger cars was to be rebuilt and the load capacity expanded in order to be able to produce further vehicle types (e-mobility) in the future. The conversion involved these three areas:

1. heavy-duty EMS with upstream conveyor belt

2. assembly crosshead final assembly

3. crosshead return transport

After the so-called marriage, where body and chassis are joined together, a conveyor belt takes over the body. The cross members to which the vehicle is attached are no longer needed. They are therefore dismantled and transported back. On the conveyor belt, the vehicle is then prepared for attachment to the heavy-duty EMS. The vehicle then hangs in the EMS for the final assembly of further parts (are mounted from below).

Each EMS chassis can carry a load of 2.6 tonnes when converted. There are a total of 95 hangers and each trolley has its own control system. The big advantage: each trolley can be maintained individually. This means that individual trolleys can be taken out of the train so that the EHB can work without interruption at any time.

The EMS is one of the established in-plant and floor-free transport systems. Particularly in final vehicle assembly, EMSs are preferred because the employees have barrier-free access to the lower area of the vehicles.

What challenges were encountered and how were they dealt with?

This was a highly challenging project, both technically and in terms of deadlines. It could only be completed within a narrow time frame because the production could only be shut down for a certain period of time for cost reasons. In addition, limited space made project execution difficult. Another challenge: the project was implemented during the height of the Corona pandemic and related Corona requirements influenced the implementation.

Our Virtual Commissioning, Hardware Design and PLC Programming with Commissioning departments worked closely together to successfully implement the project.

To shorten the on-site commissioning time, the existing plant was converted into a virtual model. Specifically, the hardware and the entire PLC programming were imported and subsequently simulated. This meant that it was not necessary to wait until on site to find out:

  • Where the plant does not run properly
  • Where bottlenecks and problems occur in later operation
  • Where new programming and design is required

From a software point of view, this was probably the biggest project ever for VESCON Automation. There were the following challenges in programming:

  • Only one employee could effectively work on each PLC at a time, which made it difficult to distribute tasks as well as progress over time.
  • Converting an existing plant always means familiarising oneself with existing software programming, which was originally built by another manufacturer.

On site, all parts were first commissioned in another hall, connectors pre-installed and all cables attached. Only then was everything assembled in the actual production hall. Another important point, so that the conversion could take place in the previously defined time window and production in the existing EMS did not come to a standstill for too long.

"Without the great team that worked on the project in this constellation and without the untiring personal commitment of each individual, it would not have been possible to realise this project! But this is how we managed to have the plant running so stably (heavy-duty EMS and upstream conveyor belt) in just the first 2 days after the expansion that all production targets were exceeded. I have never experienced that up to this point."

Christian, Project Manager


The customer now has a plant for final car assembly that is now fit and running robustly for the next few years and the team has another successfully completed project whose implementation has welded them together.


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Project management software SO3 simplifies the handling of global projects

Any company with international operations is familiar with the hurdles in everyday project work - time differences, lack of clarity in coordination and confusing project boards. They make international project work difficult.

Any company with international operations is familiar with the hurdles in everyday project work - time differences, lack of clarity in coordination and confusing project boards. They make international project work difficult.

Despite well-coordinated colleagues and digitalised communication processes, which are supposed to eliminate challenges, optimisation in everyday project work fails to materialise. That is why GE&PM relies on VESCON's project management software SO3 to significantly increase their communication and visualisation.

"The company is involved in plant construction and technical planning and was looking for a tool to successfully handle projects worldwide. Among other things, SO3 can offer exactly that," explains Alexander Isakov, SO3's technical contact.

Our client's manufacturing is primarily located in China. An advantage of this international set-up, besides great cost savings, is the time difference between China and Germany. Internationally active companies use this time difference to work on orders 24 hours a day.

One challenge with this way of working: Every task has to be coordinated. For project communication, GE&PM has relied on email or phone communication until now. Several thousand emails exchanged during different phases of projects showed the inefficiency of this method of communication. The result was an overcrowded inbox and no overview of current project phases and status messages. Consequently, the calls for a solution have become louder.

In addition to the desire for a solution to the international communication barrier and confusion about document versions, the new solution should preferably offer a cloud application and at the same time fulfil the requirement that the data fed into the projects be stored in a secure place. VESCON’s client also sought a tool that would function as a design database.

With SO3, VESCON offers software that is precisely customised to these requirements and fully covers the needs in international project management.

"One of the main reasons we went for SO3 was VESCON's area of activity in the industrial plant business. The software was developed to meet the demands specifically in this area," explains Ronny Teutsch, Senior Electric Engineer at GE&PM.

In addition to the possible area of application in process engineering, SO3 also supports customers in other versatile industries: automotive industry, process industry, pharmaceutical industry and in technical building equipment. An added value that was an important factor for the cooperation. The parallel use of a database in which everyone can enter their data in real time and work independently is fulfilled with SO3.

"With SO3 we work with software that is perfectly tailored to our needs. This is due to the individual database with its own master data and individual configurations. We can use it with great freedom and we can independently add things that we need," says Daniela Stirn, Head of Mechanical Engineer at GE&PM, describing the use of the software.

The VESCON software offers the advantage of working directly with intelligent graphics. Whereas in previous GE&PM projects work was done without the use of professional project management tools, SO3 makes it possible to link intelligent 2D and 3D plant layouts with synchronised lists. This provides a data layer from which important information can be directly derived. In this way, typical questions of the daily project business can be answered quickly in the simplest way, which would otherwise have to be worked out in a time-consuming manner. At the same time, all project participants can work in one database. Everyone can enter and manage data themselves. In doing this, everyone involved in the project is integrated in real time. 

Now the company relies on the help of the VESCON software SO3 from the start of the project to the end of commissioning. Due to its flexibility, the tool is applied differently in the different project phases. At GE&PM, SO3 is used wherever electrical components are used and where teams work together, especially on an international basis. In process engineering, conveyor technology as well as in workplace equipment. Electrical equipment ordering is also handled with SO3.

"Fortunately, we have found a way to manage communication effectively and stay up to date with the latest project developments despite the distance in time and space," confirms Daniela Stirn from GE&PM.

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Careers at VESCON

We don’t just offer jobs, we offer perspectives.

VESCON was founded in 1993 and has been part of the SCIO Automation international automation platform since 2019. Approx. 500 VESCON employees at 11 European locations plan and implement challenging projects for global players and hidden champions in a wide range of industries. Our business areas include Automation, Special Machinery, Software, Process, Aqua and Energy.

We are focused on the needs of our employees*. We promote personal strengths and involve all colleagues* in decisions such as when it comes to distributing projects.
We are not dominated by rigid structures but by flexible opportunities, for example with regard to working hours and locations. Also, because we attach great importance to an excellent work-life balance.
Fewer supervisors, more opportunities At VESCON we are on equal footing with each other when it comes to work and make most decisions together in a team so that everyone can contribute their ideas.
Mutual appreciation is our top priority. We see ourselves as a team, support each other and stand up for each other. That’s because only by working together can we be successful.
Taking the initiative and a high degree of personal responsibility are very important to us. No supervisor who constantly looks over your shoulder, but projects that you can take into your own hands.
Many different customers, many specialist areas, a wide range of tasks: Employees who work at VESCON have a very interesting job – and with it all the opportunities for further development.
Having many customers presents many challenges. That's why hardly any of our projects are alike. Variety is guaranteed and boring routine is guaranteed not to come up.

The VESCON Group

As a system integrator, VESCON plans and implements projects in the automation, special machinery, software, process, Aqua and energy fields to sustainably support customers on their way to Industry 4.0. More than 500 employees at multiple European locations are committed to working with our customers (planners, suppliers and operators) in a wide range of industries:

  • Automotive industry
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Electrical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Medical technology & pharmaceuticals
  • Energy sector
  • Drinking water and wastewater plants

Our customers include companies of all sizes, renowned international industrial groups and ‘hidden champions’ from the SME sector.

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