Digital Factory

More transparency, more efficiency.

The Digital Factory is no longer just a term of the future. More and more companies are using the possibilities of digital models and methods to plan and control production resources more efficiently. Virtualisation and networking of all factory processes increases transparency and thus leads to cost savings and more flexibility – not only during operation but also when expanding or modifying production areas. Our experienced specialists* support you in digitally transforming your production processes and helping you to use the advantages of the Digital Factory for your company – no matter in which industry you are active. 

Virtual commissioning (VIBN) is an essential tool within the Digital Factory. It virtually maps production plants (digital twin) and enables the simulation of PLC and robotics programs before the actual commissioning. The complete system functionality can thus be tested and optimised without mechanical construction, which leads to enormous cost and time savings.

Benefits of VIBN

Shorter start-up phase

  • Faster real commissioning, more flexibility in the event of unplanned events

Risk minimisation

  • Entire system check sequence, avoidance of collisions

Improved quality

  • Increased software reliability through virtual pre-testing

Cost saving

  • More economical real commissioning
  • Minimisation of travel costs through reduced construction site times

Our VIBN services

  • Simulations of production plants (plant engineering, conveyor technology)
  • Simulations of special machines
  • Creation of behavioural models
  • Creation of robot offline programs with Process Simulate
  • Virtual commissioning with SiL and Hil (software/hardware in the loop)           

Our VIBN software landscape

  • WinMOD
  • RF Suite
  • Process Simulate
  • PLC SIM Advanced
Digital Factory
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