Solutions for Public Authorities

Efficiency demands experience.

For more than 10 years we have been designing and implementing software products on behalf of municipal institutions. A wealth of experience that our customers benefit from. For our specialists have gained a profound knowledge in all issues related to public administration and are well acquainted with the specific requirements in this field. This expertise forms not only the basis for tailor-made individual developments but is also reflected in the performance features of our existing range of products -- from budget planning systems to tools for the efficient management of grants up to applications for the management of tendering and award procedures. Benefit from our experience - we will be glad to advise you.

Our products and services

Funding Mmanagement – SBD

The funding management solution is a modular, client-capable software system for efficiently processing of funding applications. The scope of services extends far beyond classic application processing, as the system includes  not only comprehensive budget management, a correspondence module for creating mail merges in your corporate design but also flexible, powerful evaluation and controlling tools. In addition to seamless integration with Microsoft Office, the interfaces for funding management range from importing applications from e-government systems or form servers to document management with Fabasoft or DocuWare and a wide variety of accounting systems such as SAP.

Electronic Procurement Act – EPA

The Electronic Procurement Act is a tool for the transparent electronic processing of procurement procedures that supports the client throughout the entire workflow of a procurement procedure – from the requisition note, the suitability test and the electronic award of contract to the final project report. In order to comply with the dual control principle, all processes relevant to the awarding of contracts must be electronically signed by all units involved (requisitions, budget, purchasing, legal department, management). The correspondence engine integrated in EPA generates all the mail merges required in the various contract award procedures and provides interfaces for storing these correspondence documents in DMS such as Fabasoft ELAK in an audit-proof manner or sending them electronically.

State Budget Development – LVE

The integrated budget and financial planning system LVE is a tool for decentralised budget planning for public authorities. The budget structure can be subdivided into an overall budget as well as several area, global and detail budgets. The system makes rolling planning of the budget possible, which is displayed in the three components Profitability, Financing and Capital Budgets. In addition to version management, the budgeting system also offers a comprehensive report module that enables the user* to create individual evaluations and reports for self-defined criteria and characteristics. This means that even complex reporting requirements can be represented without program changes.

Music School Administration – MS-Dat

The music school administration tool is a web-based complete solution with which all administrative tasks of a music school can be managed – from the administration of teacher and pupil data to the creation of all class lists and room plans right through to evaluations and certificate printing. The music school administration is based on the pedagogical principles of the organisational statute and current funding guidelines.

Inventory Management – MS-Inventar

Inventory management is a web-based inventory and loan system that can be used in a wide range of industries. In addition to cataloguing and categorising objects of various types with a flexible filter, search and sorting functionalities, the system includes a comprehensive borrowing module with which all borrowing processes can be handled quickly and efficiently.