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VESCON Process GmbH 
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VESCON Systemtechnik GmbH 
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E-Mail: gleisdorf[at]

Executive Board: Heimo Reicher, Peter Bürger

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VESCON Automation GmbH
Dürkheimer Straße 130
D-67227 Frankenthal
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Telefax: +49 6233 6000-800
E-Mail: info[at]

Executive Board: Peter Bürger, Michael Genzer, Sven Schreiner

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Finanzamt Frankenthal
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VESCON Automation s.r.o.
Stara Prievozska 2
SK-82109 Bratislava
Telefone: +421 258 104111
Telefax: +421 258 104129

Executive Board: Peter Bürger, Martin Kolesár

Handelsgericht Bratislava
Finanzamt Bratislava
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VESCON Slovakia, s.r.o. 
Minská 7/5
SK-03608 Martin
Telefone: +421 043 4281 521 
Telefax: +421 043 4281 544 
E-Mail: m.galcikova[at]

Executive Board: Heimo Reicher, Martina Galcikova 

Handelsgericht Zilina 16677/L 
Finanzamt Martin 
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VESCON Installation GmbH 
Oskar-von-Miller-Straße 1
D-85386 Eching
Telefone: +49 8165 90516-600
Telefax: +49 8165 90516-601

Executive Board: Peter Bürger, Torsten Roll

Amtsgericht München HRB 96592
Finanzamt Freising 
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