M&A Planning

Don't make your call for tenders a call for costs.

M&A planning consists of several different inter-coordinated phases. We provide our planning services either for individual phases or for the planning process as a whole. With both options, every single work stage is subject to a strict quality check in order to guarantee the best possible result in terms of economic and functional efficiency.

Basic planning

  • Calculation and design of single components
  • Preparation of technical sheets basic standard

Technical sheets

  • Clarification of technical details
  • Creation of master drawings
  • Creation of the technical sheets
  • Final coordination talks with customer
  • Call for tenders including monitoring of submission deadlines

Bid comparison

  • Check of bids for completeness and specification conformity
  • Creation of a list of open issues in case of deviations
  • Call for corrected bids and, if necessary, revision of technical sheets
  • Creation of a bid comparison for ordering

Check of documents for production release

  • Monitoring submission deadlines
  • Check of incoming documents for compliance with order
  • Coordination with customer's test centres
  • Transfer of all corrections and return to manufacturers

Testing and assembly

  • Check of correction transfers from previous phase
  • Monitoring production deadlines
  • Carrying out intermediate and final acceptance tests in coordination with the customer
  • Check and distribution of final drawings

Final documentation

  • Creation of the final documentation in accordance with the customer's specifications
  • Archiving
M&A Planning
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