Commercial Administration
VESCON Automation

The last one out turns off the lights.

“Assistant for everything” would probably be more appropriate than the official job title. That’s because Daniela’s tasks at the Eching site are extremely varied and cover a wide range of areas of work. Even if her working days are a bit longer, she rocks and it’s no coincidence that she likes heavy metal.

As an executive assistant Daniela has her hands full – and as a point of contact for all employees she always has an open ear. How does she manage it all? By positive thinking, having an open-mind and with humour yet also with set goals and assertiveness.

In Eching there is hardly an area in which Daniela is not active, be it managing appointments, post services, procurement, vehicle fleet or travel. Not to forget the accounting, as well as organising and managing company and customer events.

This list could be extended almost arbitrarily, but how did Daniela actually get her job? That is at least just as interesting as her daily work. It all started with a Porsche ride. But it wasn't Daniela herself who stepped on the gas but a friend who mentioned a vacancy between hairpin bends and full-throttle stretches of straight lanes. Daniela applied in rush tempo in Zuffenhausen style and was able to convince the spectators with her skills. Before she knew it, she found herself in the position of the new secretary and the only woman among 50 men.

“That didn’t bother me at all, but it wasn’t always easy either.” More than twelve years later, Daniela enjoys the harmonious climate of the growing location and looks forward to the weekly midday run around Lake Echingen or to the offers of the VESCON health initiative Vitamin V. Of course Daniela also has a private life, for example as ‘roadie’ tp her husband, who plays drums in a band – and to whom she retreats at the end of a long day. “That’s enough for today, we'll continue tomorrow.” She spoke, smiled and turned off the light.