Software Developer
VESCON Systemtechnik

It pays to be able to Google.

In programming, only the code counts? Thomas views things a little differently. The main tasks as Software Developer include developing web and desktop applications, as well as representing data through the use of statistics. And that’s why Thomas knows that not only the code counts, but also a good design.

“I use Google quite often to find out what’s going on at the moment or what the newest trends in design are” the Software Developer openly admits. What also helps is a healthy mix of structure and thinking outside of the box. And of course, technologies like C#, Angular, Razor MVC and WPF are needed, all of which Thomas has mastered perfectly.

After receiving his Bachelor’s in Information Technology Management at the FH Joanneum in Graz, the native of Gleisdorf came to VESCON Systemtechnik over a temporary work agency. Here he feels very comfortable and appreciates the small team, where he can contribute in many ways. “The job here is never the same, and you are usually involved in every part of a project, no matter whether frontend, backend or design.”

But the small team has even more advantages: "There’s nobody here who I don’t like, and we also meet up outside of work. That’s a very different atmosphere than in an anonymous large corporation.” The work-life balance at VESCON is also very good, and Thomas has plenty of time to pursue his hobbies, which include drawing, archery and playing the guitar. Does he Google as much in his spare time as he does at work? Thomas laughs, “Only when scanning the cinema listings or planning the next festival trip.”