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The „Hidden Champion“.

Spending lunch break alone at your desk? That's out of the question for Alex. That's why he regularly invites his colleagues to a table during breaks. However, we're talking about table football which moved into the basement of the VESCON building a few years ago. What his colleagues did not know at the beginning: Alex is no longer a beginner when it comes to table soccer. 

From youth coach in squash, table tennis, darts, bowling in the 2nd Bundesliga to swimming and trampolining - there is hardly a niche sport that Alex has not yet practiced. In the meantime, however, the multi-talent prefers to swap his desk for table football. In his early days at VESCON, his colleagues didn't know about his hobby - which changed abruptly one day. 

"After a few weeks at VESCON, a colleague proudly showed me the official tournament table in the basement of our office building. I was also directly invited to my first match," Alex tells us. The opponent: Thomas, who had already taken second place in the European table soccer championship and was considered the "invincible one". "Everyone was of course firmly convinced that they would see me lose. It was an unforgettable moment when I could win the match, at that time being a newcomer at VESCON!" 

Having started his table soccer career as a leisure activity at the age of 14, he has now been playing in the German Table Soccer Bundesliga for the St. Leon-Rot club near Walldorf for 4 years. One thing, however, has not changed over the years for Alex: "Fun is always my first priority. Whenever we play table football during breaks, there's always a lot of laughing and chatting."  

The room where the tables are located has now become a real place of exchange. In Alex's eyes, the familiar and relaxed environment is not only suitable for putting aside everyday stress: "You wouldn't believe how helpful it is to get together with colleagues in a playful, sporting way. It's not uncommon to come back to your desk with completely new energy and ideas and find solutions to your daily work issues right away!"