Mechanical Engineer
VESCON Systemtechnik

My enthusiasm for technology is what drives me!

When it comes to planning, designing, and developing new products, plants and systems, Philipp's eyes light up! Because enthusiasm for technology is in every one of his tasks, with which he ensures the prerequisites for the smooth manufacture of products. When a machine has been brought to life, Philipp is completely satisfied.

As a mechanical engineer, I am involved in the conceptual design of systems, creating 3D models, pneumatic plans, and detailed designs. All with the aim of bringing a machine to life in the end. For the eight years I've worked at VESCON, I've been constantly learning about new projects and working on diverse challenges, which of course means more responsibility for me.

But I know: no matter whether it's tricky constructions or challenging detailed designs, in my team we always create a great solution together. Besides the enthusiasm for technology, team cohesion is an important factor in my everyday work. We work according to the "what's on your mind" principle and always support each other. That's why fun is not neglected in our office. Because qualities like helpfulness, humor and enthusiasm for technology are in all of us.

When I'm not living out my passion for technology, I go hiking with my family and climb a peak or two. Or I meet up with friends for a barbecue. My ultimate tip for switching off is fishing. There, it's all about a different technique.