HR Projects & Development

Allrounder all around the world.

At VESCON, the Human Resources Department (HR) not only handles interviews and employment contracts, but also spearheads the development of Corporate Culture. But what defines a good environment and how can it be designed to benefit the people at VESCON? You would have to ask someone who is in the know. Someone who has been immersed in many cultures and has met a plethora of different types of people. Someone like Moana.

As the daughter of a development aid specialist, Moana has basically spent all of her school and college years abroad, from Swaziland and Nicaragua to Guatemala and Paraguay all the way to Ecuador. She is, therefore, familiar with many different cultures and people. In her roll as HR Partner at VESCON, Moana benefits from all these experiences, since she continues to meet new people and encounters new situations - while planning future strategies for People Development, for instance. „Here at VESCON we do a great deal for our employees, bei t out Health Initiative Vitamin V, professional training or family-friendly business hours. Our goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and strive to create a harmonious work environment.”

In addition, Moana is also tasked with recruiting and employer branding on social media. As an allrounder, Moana loves variety – and as globetrotter she obviously enjoys communicating. Is the position at VESCON made for Moana? „The tasks and requirements fit quite well with my professional profile and my personal strengths,“ says the likeable 34-year-old. And what if the wanderlust strikes again? „From now on I only vacation abroad. After having moved countries so many times, I enjoy not having to pack up boxes anymore. I feel at home here and would like it to stay like that.”