Successful conversion of a vehicle assembly with electric monorail system

Task:Conversion and extension of a vehicle assembly with electric monorail system

The projekt:

A German automobile manufacturer commissioned VESCON Automation with the conversion of an existing final assembly line for passenger cars as well as the extension of the load capacity in order to be able to manufacture further vehicle types in the future. The conversion involved these three areas:

1. heavy-duty EMS with upstream conveyor belt

2. assembly crosshead final assembly

3. crosshead return transport

A project with many challenges:

  • Highly demanding project in terms of technology and deadlines.
  • Tight time frame for commissioning in order not to hold up the production process for too long
  • Integration of the final assembly of a new vehicle type (e-mobility) into an existing plant
  • Due to the ongoing production process, the assembly took place at a different location
  • Limited space

Another challenge: the project was implemented during the height of the Corona pandemic and related Corona requirements affected implementation.

Overall, the project spanned a period of over three years.

Our implementation:

Virtual commissioning:
The existing plant was first converted into a virtual model. Specifically, the hardware and the entire PLC programming were imported. Everything was then simulated with the WinMOD software, which shortened development times, eliminated sources of error in good time and minimised commissioning costs.

Hardware design:
At the beginning, the designers familiarised themselves with the complete system. In particular with the power rail bus system, which establishes the connection between the head control and the trolleys. The entire communication of the system runs via this system. The position of each individual vehicle is identified at all times. Through numerous monitors along the line, the exact location of the vehicle can be called up and the feeding of components such as bumpers can be organised.

  • Construction of a commissioning line
  • Equipment of the running gear
  • Planning of the additional EMS cycles into the existing plant
  • Replacement of the feed cabinets
  • Reconstruction phase
  • Commissioning of the plant and support with peripheral tests

PLC programming & commissioning:
In terms of software, this was probably the biggest project ever for VESCON Automation. Programming with the existing software presented the following challenges:

  • Only one employee could effectively work on each PLC at a time, which made it difficult to distribute tasks as well as progress over time.
  • Converting an existing plant always means familiarising oneself with existing software programming, which was originally built by another manufacturer.

After reviewing the existing software, a model was developed for the VIBN to test the feasibility of the project in advance. In the next step, the plant software had to be adapted for the conversion and the hardware converted. After the conversion phase, the start-up and shift support began, as well as the follow-up and ongoing optimisations until the final acceptance by the customer. 


An existing plant was converted in such a way that it is now fit and running robustly for the next few years. The plant ran so stably in the first two days after the extension that all production targets were exceeded.

Major project at Hardegsen substation

Task:Complete electrical installation for Avacon Netz GmbH at the substation Hardegsen
Department:Construction & Assembly | Primary Planning & Documentation | Testing & Commissioning
Business:Energy supply

For the renewal and adaptation at the Hardegsen substation (operation with 380 kV and 110 kV), VESCON Energy was commissioned by Avacon Netz GmbH with the entire electrical installation of the 110 kV plant for the project. The major project included the renewal of the:

  • Field control technology, control cells and transformer bays
  • Double busbars of the bays with busbar earthing
  • Zero-busbar

Services provided by VESCON Energy:

For the primary technical construction of the high-voltage stations, the design plans and the provisional planning were further processed together with VESCON Energy. In the secondary technical expansion, the experts carried out cabling work as well as the installation and connection of all control, protection and general plant components such as auxiliary power and transmission technology. VESCON Energy installed a 110 kV switchgear with a double busbar, rebuilt the plant and created the connection to the distribution network of EAM Netz GmbH.

A solution for every scenario:

The biggest challenge in the implementation of the project has been the continuous operation of the existing plant which was already a central junction for the power supply in southern Lower Saxony. The new construction therefore had to take place without any significant interruption of the power supply.

Another challenge was the fact that two construction sites were in operation at the same time in Hardegsen: The 380 kV plant with 14 bays of TenneT and the 110 kV plant with 28 bays for Avacon Netz GmbH. Through careful planning and close communication with the client, the challenge was mastered.

After a total construction period of 3 years, the substation Hardegsen was commissioned by Avacon Netz GmbH and TenneT in December 2019.

Technical project data:

  • 110 kV switchgear with 28 bays including double busbar
  • 1x 110 kV coupling bays
  • 8x 110 kV line bays
  • 5x 110 kV transformer bays
  • Rebuild own need

Substation Wilster-West: A million-euro project as the core of the German energy transformation center.

Task:Complete electrical installation for TenneT at the substation Wilster-West
Department:Construction & Assembly | Primary Planning & Documentation | Testing & Commissioning
Business:Energy supply

For the renewal of the existing 380kV switchgear at the substation Wilster-West, our long-standing client TenneT TSO GmbH has commissioned VESCON Energy with the entire electrical installation for the project. Project targets:

  • Expansion of the transformation station for the feed-in of renewable energies
  • Receiving and Distribution of the future transmission capacity of NordLink, SuedLink, the West Coastline, the central axis and the offshore connections in the North Sea

Services provided by VESCON Energy:

VESCON Energy initially planned the primary technology and provisional arrangements for the primary technical construction of the high and maximum voltage stations. In the secondary technical expansion, it carried out cabling work as well as the installation and connection of all control, protection and general plant components such as auxiliary power and transmission technology. A 380kV switchgear with a triple busbar, designed for up to 8,000A, was installed. The new switchgear covers an area of 18 hectares, which is the same as 25 football pitches. VESCON Energy rebuilt the plant and created the connection to the distribution network of SH-Netz with two large transformers.

A solution for every scenario:

The biggest challenge in the implementation of the project has been the continuous operation of the existing plant which was already an important north-south junction. The new construction therefore had to take place without any significant interruption of the north-south connections. Consequently, VESCON Energy initially installed several 380kV temporary installations to ensure operations without almost any interruption.

After a total construction period of 4 years, the new substation Wilster-West was commissioned by TenneT at the beginning of October 2020.

Technical project data:

  • 380kV switchgear with 31 bays including triple busbar
  • 2x 380kV coupling bays
  • 8x 380kV line bays
  • 2x 380kV cable bays
  • 3x 380kV transformer bays
  • 2x 380/110/30kV transformers
  • 1x 380/20kV transformer
  • 4 bays double 110kV busbar

End-of-Line Test Bench 32 DCVs: Highest quality assurance for our customer.

Task:Realisation of an automated EoL test bench for 3/2 Directional control valves of cooling circuits for cars
Department:Assembling | Smart Production

For a developer and producer of high-quality mechatronic components for the automotive industry, our experts at VESCON Systemtechnik developed an automated test bench for their production.

Here, the test items are carried to the individual test stations by robots, OK tested components are provided with a DMC code and placed directly into customer containers. The company's own tracebility and PDA software SO3 Hiberion is used to control as well as store all measured values for complete traceability.

Due to the successful and satisfying handling and functionality VESCON has already been assigned with a new project for our customer - further orders in the field of valve assembly can be expected.

Services provided by VESCON:

  • Software engineering PLC
  • Construction & Assembly 
  • Production data acquisition
  • Commissioning
  • Service & Training
Jens Koch
Sales Manager
Phone +49 6233 6000-350
Christoph Legat
Department Head Sales & Distribution
Phone +43 3112 36006-750

GE&PM overcomes challenges in global projects with SO3

Task:Integration of the project management software
Department:Software | Automation
Business:Electrical industry | Automotive

Our customer GE&PM relies on the project management software SO3 to significantly increase its communication in projects for plant construction and technical planning as well as visualisation.

Due to GE&PM’s international operations, one challenge is communication in project management. Email communication led to overcrowded inboxes and a lack of overview of current project phases and status reports. Project processes were delayed and there was a negative impact on resources, so improvement was needed. An IT system for project work was sought.

In addition to the desire for a solution for the international communication barrier and confusion about document versions, the new solution was preferably supposed to offer a cloud application and at the same time fulfil the requirement that fed-in data of projects be stored in a secure place. GE&PM also sought a tool that would function as a design database.

In addition to its possible application in process engineering, the VESCON software also provides support in other versatile projects - an added value that was an important factor for the cooperation.

SO3 offers the advantage of working directly with intelligent graphics. While in previous GE&PM projects work was done without the use of professional project management tools, SO3 makes it possible to link intelligent 2D and 3D plant layouts with synchronised lists. This provides a data situation from which important information can directly be derived. In this way, typical questions of everyday project processes can be answered quickly in the simplest way, which would otherwise have to be worked out in a time-consuming manner.

Now GE&PM relies on the help of the VESCON software SO3 from the start of the project to the end of commissioning. Thanks to its flexibility, the tool is applied differently in various project phases. At GE&PM, SO3 is employed wherever electrical components are used and teams works together, especially on an international basis. In process engineering, conveyor technology as well as in workplace equipment. Electrical equipment ordering is also handled with SO3.

Another improvement is the simultaneous work in one tool. As a result, all project participants enter their data independently into the database and are always up to date: For GE&PM's customers, this creates a high degree of transparency in the project status. Few additional coordination phone calls are enough because the same, always up-to-date information is available to the entire development team. Communication runs via the SO3 layout. Comments, questions and information can be exchanged via "post-its" in the SO3 layout.

Alexander Isakov
Product manager SO3

Precise and efficient: With VESCON to automated cable assembly.

Task:Realisation of an automated cable assembly system for generator cables
Department:Assembling | Automation Technology

For a leading supplier of energy and data transmission in the automotive and industrial sectors, VESCON Systemtechnik implemented an automated assembly line for cable harnessing. 

The system offers the advantage that diesel as well as petrol variants can be processed and tested on an area of just 24 x 8.5 m - within a product-specific cycle time of 16-25 seconds. By linking the innovative assembly process with the production of matching workpiece carriers by means of 3D printing, VESCON Systemtechnik ensures a consistently high quality of the final products and avoids the problems that non-rigid lack cable harnesses can entail due to unwanted deformation. To ensure an ideal assembly, our experts also rely on automated camera testing based on the principles of machine learning (subfield AI).

Services provided by VESCON:

  • Introduction of a new assembly concept 
  • Software engineering PLC
  • Construction & assembly 
  • Commissioning
  • Service & Training
Jens Koch
Sales Manager
Phone +49 6233 6000-350
Christoph Legat
Department Head Sales & Distribution
Phone +43 3112 36006-750

Process control system 800xA: High performance for our customers.

Task:merging a number of independent projects into the process control system ABB 800xA with „High Performance HMI“
Department:EMSR/PLT | Process
Business:chemical industry

Our customer is one of Germany's leading chemical companies. In the year 2012 they trusted VESCON with transferring four ABB Freelance 2000 projects into the new process control system ABB 800xA with „High-Performance-HMI“. The task assigned to VESCON was to coordinate the interfaces in close cooperation with LANXESS and ABB and to create new control diagrams in the process control system 800xA:

  • 3 graphic images level 1
  • 25 graphic images level 2
  • 120 graphic images level 3

Services provided by VESCON:

  • coordination
  • projecting of the process control system ABB 800xA
  • FAT / SAT control diagrams
Norbert Happ
Site Manager Cologne
Phone +49 221 1207169-0

Move more with VESCON: KW-Kranwerke AG.

Task:support in hardware construction, project planning and project management
Department:Electrical engineering / Automation
Business:machinery and plant engineering

VESCON has been supporting the KW-Kranwerke AG in the fields of hardware construction, project planning and project management since the beginning of 2008.

The KW-Kranwerke AG continues the tradition of the Mannheimer Kranbau (Mannheim crane construction) and is an innovative medium-sized company that offers customized solutions and services. They focus on the supply of grab bridge cranes, gravel excavators, gantry and slewing cranes and specific hoisting solutions. In the German-speaking regions the KW-Kranwerke AG is the market leader when it comes to fully automated grab bridge cranes for waste icineration plants.

The cooperation with VESCON is characterized by openness and a spirit of partnership. Both companies assist each other in the development of new business fields and the search for qualified personnel.

Services provided by VESCON:

  • project planning
  • electro-technical engineering
  • project management
  • hardware construction
  • EPLAN support

BMW - Roller control system Dingolfing

Task:Roller test bench, development EPLAN, S7, Visu
Business:Automotive industry

Logo BMW
  • Roller test bench
  • development EPLAN, S7, Visu

An easy-to-handle, precise and efficient solution: The VESCON Material Data Manager for application in the automobile industry

Task:suppliers integration on the basis of the Material Data Manager
Business:automobile industry

The Material Data Management system developed by VESCON has been used by a large automobile company in southern Germany since the end of 2006. The online solution which today is being used in many plants worldwide supports the management of approval lists for new plants and machines.

VESCON has continuously improved the software and, what is more, tailored it to the specific needs of the customer. Since November 2012, for example, it has been possible to apply this system for managing project structures including factories, projects and orders - down to the level of plants and machinery.

In addition, the connection of the Material Data Manager to the CAD systems (RUPLAN and EPLAN P8) saves the supplier companies the creation of article data. Parts list information that is written back from the CAD systems to the respective project structure significantly facilitates the acceptance processes and the further processing of the data in the target customer system. The result: an efficient software solution which not only saves time but also minimizes possible sources of error.

Services provided by VESCON:

  • specification, design and programming of the online application Material Data Manager
  • hosting and implementation of application and database (24 x 7 x 365)
  • basic administration of the users
  • hotline and support
  • training
Bernhard Adler
Head of Software Products
Phone +49 6233 6000-640