Process control system 800xA: High performance for our customers.

Task:merging a number of independent projects into the process control system ABB 800xA with „High Performance HMI“
Department:EMSR/PLT | Process
Business:chemical industry

Our customer is one of Germany's leading chemical companies. In the year 2012 they trusted VESCON with transferring four ABB Freelance 2000 projects into the new process control system ABB 800xA with „High-Performance-HMI“. The task assigned to VESCON was to coordinate the interfaces in close cooperation with LANXESS and ABB and to create new control diagrams in the process control system 800xA:

  • 3 graphic images level 1
  • 25 graphic images level 2
  • 120 graphic images level 3

Services provided by VESCON:

  • coordination
  • projecting of the process control system ABB 800xA
  • FAT / SAT control diagrams
Norbert Happ
Division Head EMSR/PLT Cologne
Phone +49 221 1207169-0

Move more with VESCON: KW-Kranwerke AG.

Task:support in hardware construction, project planning and project management
Department:Electrical engineering / Automation
Business:machinery and plant engineering

VESCON has been supporting the KW-Kranwerke AG in the fields of hardware construction, project planning and project management since the beginning of 2008.

The KW-Kranwerke AG continues the tradition of the Mannheimer Kranbau (Mannheim crane construction) and is an innovative medium-sized company that offers customized solutions and services. They focus on the supply of grab bridge cranes, gravel excavators, gantry and slewing cranes and specific hoisting solutions. In the German-speaking regions the KW-Kranwerke AG is the market leader when it comes to fully automated grab bridge cranes for waste icineration plants.

The cooperation with VESCON is characterized by openness and a spirit of partnership. Both companies assist each other in the development of new business fields and the search for qualified personnel.

Services provided by VESCON:

  • project planning
  • electro-technical engineering
  • project management
  • hardware construction
  • EPLAN support
Raphael Heier
Phone +49 6233 6000-343

BMW - Roller control system Dingolfing

Task:Roller test bench, development EPLAN, S7, Visu
Business:Automotive industry
  • Roller test bench
  • development EPLAN, S7, Visu

An easy-to-handle, precise and efficient solution: The VESCON Material Data Manager for application in the automobile industry

Task:suppliers integration on the basis of the Material Data Manager
Business:automobile industry

The Material Data Management system developed by VESCON has been used by a large automobile company in southern Germany since the end of 2006. The online solution which today is being used in many plants worldwide supports the management of approval lists for new plants and machines.

VESCON has continuously improved the software and, what is more, tailored it to the specific needs of the customer. Since November 2012, for example, it has been possible to apply this system for managing project structures including factories, projects and orders - down to the level of plants and machinery.

In addition, the connection of the Material Data Manager to the CAD systems (RUPLAN and EPLAN P8) saves the supplier companies the creation of article data. Parts list information that is written back from the CAD systems to the respective project structure significantly facilitates the acceptance processes and the further processing of the data in the target customer system. The result: an efficient software solution which not only saves time but also minimizes possible sources of error.

Services provided by VESCON:

  • specification, design and programming of the online application Material Data Manager
  • hosting and implementation of application and database (24 x 7 x 365)
  • basic administration of the users
  • hotline and support
  • training
Bernhard Adler
Project Development
Phone +49 6233 6000-640
Karl Heinz Charusa
Head of Business Unit IT & Software
Phone +49 6233 6000-400

BMW - Chassis test bench USA

Task:Chassis test bench, roller test bench, development EPLAN, S7, Visu
Business:automotive industry
  • Chassis test bench
  • roller test bench
  • development EPLAN, S7, Visu

Porsche CMT welding plant for doors, PLC programming and commissioning.

Task:PLC programming and commissioning, assistance and optimization
Department:Electrical engineering | Automation
Business:automobile industry

Customer: IBS Dr. Klaus Schürer GmbH

In this project VESCON has realized the programming and visualization of the control system for a welding cell in the door manufacturing section.

The project implied the consideration of several interfaces and subsystems and the integration into an existing control architecture.

Systems and technologies used:

WinCC, Step7, SEW, ABB-Robots, Fronius welding control systems, safety technology

Services provided by VESCON:


  • software engineering PLC including visualization
  • interface programming
  • risk assessment / Sistema analysis
  • commissioning
  • plant and cycle time optimization
  • production support
  • training and instruction

More efficiency, more transparency: The Steiermark state government uses the VESCON grant management.

Task:grant management
Department:public administration solutions | Software
Business:other industries

For as many as 10 years the office of the Steiermark state government has trusted in the VESCON grant management system for the allocation of grants. Since 2008 the system has been used even state-wide in all departments of the state government. The services provided by the grant management system go far beyond the standard application management functions. In fact, the system includes not only a module for managing the entire budget and a communication module for creating serial letters, but also flexible and efficient evaluation and controlling tools.

What is more, additional interfaces with the state's document management and accounting system allow the seamless integration into the existing IT environment.

VESCON's experts keep developing the grant management system further while tailoring it to the needs of the individual departments. In July 2012, for example, a universal e-government interface was implemented which allows the customer to transfer data from electronic application forms into the grant management system and to integrate new forms independently.

To avoid the double allocation of grants the grant management system is equipped with a contact database including an automatic version management function which assigns a unique ID-number to each contact. So, before allocating a new grant the person in charge can check if grants have already been allocated to a specific contact by any of the other departments or external sponsors.

The result: The VESCON grant management system assists the responsible person during the entire life cycle of a grant allocation process - from the processing of the applications to the payment of the grants up to the accounting and controlling - and thanks to numerous interfaces allows the completely electronic handling of the entire process.

Services provided by VESCON:


  • specification, design and programming of the desktop application
  • continuous further development of the system
  • hotline and support
  • training courses
Martin Feichtgraber
Division Head Software Development
Phone +43 3112 36006-400

Efficient, clear, legally certain: the electronic award procedure solution in the Wiener Stadthalle.

Task:electronic award procedure in the Wiener Stadthalle (Vienna city hall)
Department:public administration solutions | Software
Business:other industries

Paper is not only patient but also expensive. This is what you learn when comparing the costs for the manual paper-based handling of award procedures with those for the electronic award management. 

Since the beginning of 2012 the Wiener Stadthalle has been relying on the electronic award management solution EVA by VESCON. EVA allows a transparent electronic management of award procedures and supports the customer throughout the entire workflow of an awarding process - from the requisition note to the suitability test and the electronic acceptance of the tender up to the final project report.

In order to comply with the four-eyes principle any processes relevant in the award procedure have to be signed electronically by all parties involved (notifier, budget, purchasing and legal department, management) - depending on the order value.

The correspondence engine integrated in the EVA system generates all kinds of serial letters needed in different types of award procedures and provides interfaces to transfer these letters into document management systems (DMS), e.g. FabaSoft ELAK, where they are stored in an audit-proof manner or forwarded electronically.

The electronic award procedure system has not only significantly accelerated the tender and award processes but also made them more transparent by exactly determining the process sequences.

Thanks to the consistent electronic representation of the award processes it is possible any time to control the processes and identify irregularities almost immediately. Another point in favour of the system is the improvement of the purchasing conditions: Due to the automation of the award procedure the awarding authority reaches a wider range of providers which increases competition and, as a consequence, pushes the purchase prices down.

Services provided by VESCON:


  • specification, design and programming of the client/server application EVA
  • system adjustment due to changes in the law
  • hotline and support
  • training courses
Martin Feichtgraber
Division Head Software Development
Phone +43 3112 36006-400

See further with VESCON: Headlight assembly line for the new "eyes" of the BMW 7 model.

Task:headlight assembly line
Department:Special machinery engineering | Automation
Business:automobile industry

Drivers and owners of the new BMW 7 model enjoy state-of-the art light technology, not least owing to the assembly lines designed by VESCON. ZIZALA Lighting systems has developed a LED headlight and a unique "searchlight" for BMW which is produced in Austria. Thanks to our long-term experience in the field of light technology VESCON has been able to contribute to the successful production and high quality of the new "eyes".

As in the automotive industry the headlights have become a major design feature and are increasingly based on LED technology, the assembly processes are getting more and more complex and demanding. The result is that ever higher demands are placed on the plant constructors not only regarding control technology and ESD protection, but also with respect to the use of material having direct contact with the product during the assembly process and the total logistics operations around the plant. This implies the necessity for tracing batches and individual parts during the assembly process.

With more than 100 different components, such as boards, heat sinks, light bars, reflectors, and design trims, being involved and the assembly processes becoming increasingly complex due to this large number of parts, the headlight assembly line constructed by VESCON is the largest one ever used at ZIZALA. 

The headlights are assembled and checked in line passing 15 partly or fully automated stations. The respective assembly processes like screwing, pressing or lasering run automatically. At the end of the assembly line the headlight is adjusted and the light pattern is tested automatically. After that the headlight is conveyed to the fully automated robot station where the adhesive bed is activated and the sealing and adhesive substance is applied by the robot. Then the pane is inserted and the completely assembled headlight is subject to a leak test. At the end, only 100 % tested headlights will leave the plant.

The newly developed "searchlights" that can be supplied on demand are also produced on a plant designed by VESCON. Thanks to an intelligent software and the on-board electronic system these headlights can identify obstacles at the roadside and illuminate them if they represent a potential source of danger. This assembly line as well has been produced at VESCON as a turnkey solution and then put into operation on the customer's premises.

Services provided by VESCON:


  • concept development
  • development and construction of a turnkey plant
  • training courses
  • production support
Christoph Legat
Department Head Sales & Distribution
Phone +43 3112 36006-750

More power with VESCON: Turbo assembly line at BoschMahle Turbosystems.

Task:turbo assembly line
Department:special machinery engineering | Automation
Business:automotive industry

For economic reasons the downsizing of motors has become a decisive issue in the design of new automobiles and engines. As a consequence, the development focuses on the charging of ever smaller engines assigning a significant role to the use of turbo chargers.

For the Austrian production plant of BoschMahle Turbo-systems VESCON has designed and realized several plant concepts. This project included among other things the development and construction of an automatic picking machine which pre-assembles the small and delicate components supposed to be installed in a high-speed turbo charger in an assembly tray. These trays are then used in the fully automated assembly line. The individual components are stored in specifically designed revolving magazines and separated. This allows an uninterrupted production, as the individual cartridges can be reloaded from outside. The separated parts are placed in the tray via several axis systems. In addition, the data of all individual parts are read in via data matrix codes during the assembling process which guarantees the consistent tracing of the components. 

In another plant developed by VESCON, where the pre-assembled trays are also employed, special chargers and turbo chargers for utility vehicles are produced in small quantities. As also for these chargers the same standards concerning quality and data tracking are demanded, we had to focus intensely on the measurement system capability and the process safety considering at the same time a higher degree of manual operations. In some sections manual operations alternate with fully automated processes. This coupling could be realized in a concept which had already been implemented several times before. Here, as well, all pressing, screwing and testing operations are recorded and the individual parts are conveyed to the plant while being batchwise monitored. The entire data are transferred to the internal PDA system and filed.

Thanks to easily replaceable and coded installation kits a rapid change to other types is possible which makes this concept highly flexible.

Services provided by VESCON:

  • concept development
  • development and construction of several turnkey plants
  • training courses
  • production support
  • maintenance and servicing
Stefan Ebenbauer
Division Head Mechanics
Phone +43 3112 36006-300