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Alexander Isakov
Product manager SO3

SO3 for Project Management & Engineering

If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your project management or engineering, then the VESCON software SO3 is the optimal support for your project. This tool has been continuously developed for more than 20 years and has been used successfully for years. Whether plant engineering in the automotive industry or house construction projects of architectural offices – the versatile SO3 is adapted to the different needs.


SO3 - Project Management

If you are looking to finally make your project management faster, more effective and more holistic without a flood of e-mails and Excel lists, you found it all in SO3. This project management tool is a central communication platform and it creates a comprehensive project overview.  All necessary information is provided by a schematic system layout linked to To-do lists, status information and schedules.

Here are some of the advantages of the VESCON software product SO3:

  • Transparent project management based on a technical plant layout
  • Visibility of open items and different status information of the plant components via plant layout or lists
  • Location-independent integration of all project participants incl. realisation of technical clarifications
  • Real-time monitoring of project progress at the construction site thanks to the SO3 mobile phone app


Learn more about the SO3 project management tool or try out the demo version by following this link SO3 Software (

Download of our SO3 brochure.

SO3 - engineering

The plant layout is the centrepiece and main communication tool in both project management and engineering. By using this tool, you can clarify, plan and design the technical aspects of your project. Through SO3 you have the possibility to store relevant information and receive all necessary data to integrate other planning divisions well in advance - long before the CAD documentation takes place.

The layout also offers a wide range of possible uses, e.g.:

  • Division of systems into different operating, safety or control areas
  • Logical bus planning of complex bus systems through simple interconnection technology
  • From flexible representation of different trades, electrical and fluid engineering through to building services engineering
  • I/O assignment


And this is not all, SO3 can do even more: With the help of supplementary modules and an interface to Eplan, SO3 can automatically generate high-quality documentation in the CAE target system. Of course, you can also transfer your plant layouts to Eplan.