Automatic success.

VESCON covers all stages of the entire value chain in automation, from hardware planning in electronic engineering projects to robot programming through to project management in the field of electro-technical plant engineering. Special machinery engineering augments our range of services by customised turnkey production systems from a single source.

Benefit from our experience, expertise and the synergy effects resulting from our wide range of services. Whatever the tasks in your company – we are the ones who develop solutions that are distinguished by their efficiency and high performance. Rely on our competence – as do our customers from the most different branches of industry whom we have been supporting for many years.

Vehicle Body Shell Construction

Beauty is on the outside: Vehicle Body Shell Construction.

The scope of tasks in car body construction ranging from the simplest handling, welding and bonding tasks to very complicated ones such as roller hamming and laser welding is as versatile as it is demanding. The body construction process involves not only sheet metal, but also many modern composite materials. We are masters of all common joining methods in body construction and are constantly developing them further.

For many years we have been working for renowned domestic and foreign car manufacturers in the field of car body construction. Audi, BMW, Daimler, Seat, Skoda VW are just some of the manufacturers we support with our knowledge. Small and medium-sized car parts suppliers are also among our many customers. As experienced partners, we supply turnkey body shell lines, with our services ranging from the creation of electrical plans and software development to the electrical production and assembly through to the robot and PLC commissioning.

Conveyor Technology

Moving your business forward.

Our conveyor and logistic systems allow a perfect material flow – from the receipt of the raw material up to the finished product. Our solutions are used above all at car manufacturers and car part suppliers but also for the assembly of household appliances and in hospitals.

Regardless of the branch of industry our know-how is in demand: our customers can rely on well thought-out turnkey solutions from a single source. Ranging from plant layouts and corresponding block post plans and circuit diagrams up to intelligent control programmes and visualisation systems, our specialists develop tailor-made solutions in cooperation with our engineering partners. And it goes without saying that we also handle the timely commissioning which includes the connection to the customer’s present IT and logistics systems in order to facilitate the integration into existing structures.

 Our solutions include the use of the following systems:

  • Electric monorail conveyors
  • Floor conveyor systems
  • Roller conveyors
  • Lifting stations
  • Transverse carriages
  • Apron conveyor systems
  • Skid units 
  • Power and free systems
  • Belt conveyor systems
  • Container conveying systems
  • High storage facilities incl. storage and retrieval systems

Adhesive and Dosing Technology

Sticking to what we promise: adhesive and dosing systems.

Our adhesive and dosing systems are being used in different areas of the automobile industry – ranging from window glass bonding plants for applying and installing windscreens, side and rear windows up to plants for bonding and installing roof reinforcements. The latter are being used at our customers Udi, BMW and VW with whom we have been cooperating very successfully for many years now.

Normally, adhesive and dosing systems consist of various plant components, with the control and regulation of the system being managed by our developed standard software:

  • The heatable material supplier provides the glue and heats it up to the desired temperature.
  • The precise dosing system allows the controlled and proper dosing of the glue.
  • The operation of the individual components and the installation into the end product are handled by high-performing robots.

Final Assembly

Saving the best for last: the final assembly.

We implement complex plants for the final vehicle assembly for our customers in the automobile industry – from the start of the assembly line (high rack storage area between paint shop and final assembly area) to the final station (test and finish area with e.g. a paint finishing line). One of the great challenges in this context is the buyers’ option to order strongly individualized car versions. Due to the large number of equipment variants practically no two vehicles look alike.

The manifold tasks involved in the final assembly lead to high demands on the performance of the various couplings, data capturing and data storage systems in the control unit. Thanks to the extensive experience we have gained over many years in all these individual areas, we are a competent partner for solutions from a single source:

  • Vehicle identification (e.g. RFID technology)
  • Determination of the respective parts to be built into the vehicles depending on the desired equipment (specification via telegrams from the production control computer)
  • Couplings with neighbouring plants (e.g. transfer of parts) or subordinated plants (e.g. screw-driving control, image processing)
  • Monitoring and recording production results (e.g. documentation of screw connections with automatic screw-driving systems or installation checks with image processing systems)
  • Monitoring and recording of the production progress and of the correct order and equipment of the vehicles
  • Clear and easy to handle plant visualizations for the interaction with the plant operators
  • Various fully automatic conveyor systems with complete parts tracking and memory management function (e.g. electric monorail system, roller conveyors, accumulation chain conveyors etc.)

Test Engineering

Higher product quality with less effort? Works well!

Over the past few years we have developed – in cooperation with our engineering partners – high performing roller, ABS and road simulation test benches for the leading German car manufacturers, based on state-of-the-art 4-engine technology. Thanks to this technology, each single roller can be driven by its own engine, with the coordination of the rollers taking place electronically. This makes the complete system extremely flexible and allows for simulation not only on normal road conditions but also on ascents and descents as well as other strains and tests for the engine and braking systems.


Brilliant results: our varnishing solutions.

When it comes to the development and commissioning of solutions for varnishing, we have been experienced partners to our customers for many years. A good example illustrating our range of services is a project dealing with the creation of a standard software package to control IR dryers.


From the same source, from the same mould.

One of the fields of technology we are specialised in is handling casting processes in foundries. For many years, we have been supporting our customers, among them BMW, with our profound knowledge in this field. The aluminium casting method is one of our core competences.

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand on the process quality we count on state-of-the-art technologies. We use programmable control units, visualisation systems, drive and safety technology as well as digital and analogue control systems.


Always one idea ahead.

VESCON owes its success not only to our staff’s competence and experience but also to their innovation. Looking ahead, thinking ahead: day by day, our experts make efforts to improve and to promote our customers’ business by providing new solutions. This implies being in constant search of new technologies and opportunities to make our services and systems even more effective and efficient.

The virtual commissioning of complex plants which we have been carrying out for many years on behalf of our customers is just one example of this philosophy. This method allows the verification of the PLC logic and the robot programmes as early as in the construction phase and facilitates the identification of logic errors a long time before the actual installation and commissioning. The result: less time required for the real commissioning on site, less costs for our customers.

Another field in which our innovative power becomes evident is the tool development which by far exceeds the conventional plant programming of PLC units and robots. Our tools which are exactly tailored to our customers’ requirements increase not only the process efficiency but also the quality of products and processes.