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Efficient plants start with efficient planning.

The Material Data Manager by VESCON is an online system designed for the efficient and transparent management of component and device data needed for planning and building new plants and machines.

These components can be made available to the respective mechanical and plant engineering companies via plant and project specific approval lists, with integrated workflow functions supporting the communication and all other processes.

The following user groups employ the MDM solution:

  • Component manufacturers enter their device and component data into the MDM system and also use this tool to have their data approved.
  • The plant operators define and maintain approval lists which are binding for their plant and machine suppliers.
  • These suppliers make use of the approved data in their CAD systems (EPLAN P8 and RUPLAN) without media discontinuities. Evaluations of the item lists are directly written back into the MDM system and can be accessed and used for further processes.

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