System documentation: cleverly standardised – fully automated.

Market leaders are already finding ways and means to boost their competitiveness even in increasingly demanding engineering projects. They succeed by proving first-rate solutions and excellent documentation that is delivered on time.

For maximum efficiency, market leaders rely on standardisation that can be created with simple means and adapted to new requirements with minimum effort. The result: 100% generated documentation that is consistent, transparent and reusable.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Up to 50% less personnel expenditure due to engineering standards as well as standardised and almost 100% automatically generated documentation
  • Standardised engineering means shorter, more transparent and safer processes – returns on investment and innovative strength grow.
  • Standardised engineering noticeably reduces IT costs
  • Flexibility is maintained, so that every requirement can be implemented without major effort.
  • Change requests can also be fully incorporated into the generated documentation immediately before deadlines. This way it remains traceable, is consistent, error-free and universal – the ideal template for new projects.
  • Project planning is less stressful and therefore more enjoyable for employees*. The quality of results increases and thus also the attractiveness of the company for business partners and candidates.
  • Significant optimisation potential can also be leveraged when this is carried over to other corporate divisions.

Efficient: many possibilities, perfect results.

Standardised project planning with full engineering flexibility is not a contradiction in terms. Even if the projects and specifications are so different: VESCON’s far-reaching, division-independent and system-independent standardisation concept makes it possible to meet all requirements in the ECAD system.

Standardising creates a lot of potential for optimising costs, processes and quality. At the same time, standardisation is the prerequisite for  automatically generated documentation. Automatically generated documentation is consistent, traceable and largely reusable. Manual post-processing, which is time-consuming and error-prone, is no longer necessary.

Sustainable: compatible with the future.

Other business divisions such as procurement, logistics and, in particular, service and maintenance also benefit significantly from standardisation.

A limited selection of the same materials, sourced from only a few manufacturers, allows better terms to be negotiated and reduces material process and storage costs.

Service has an enormous advantage: Plant manufacturers who use as many standardised modules as possible not only make their workshops more efficient but also the maintenance of the corresponding customer plants. Even spare and wear parts can be replaced more quickly. Very much to the satisfaction of the customer who is pleased with the short machine downtime.

Comprehensive: The constructor’s chemists cabinet.

When it comes to developing larger systems with different specifications and adhering to specifications defined by the customer, the higher the degree of standardisation, the more reliable, faster and therefore more profitable developers are.

As if from a traditional chemists cabinet with descriptively labelled drawers, designers can easily combine the elements for an electrical project. Designers quickly find what they are looking for, because the number of elements is clear and structured in an optimal way. Only then do they specify these elements according to customer requirements and complete them with materials.

Free domicile: the perfectly prepared product database.

VESCON’s central online material database Material Data Manager (MDM) supports the entire cooperation process between operator, material manufacturer and supplier. In the MDM, manufacturers update their catalogue, which is exactly geared to the mechatronic project planning, operators manage their material release lists, and the supplier benefits.

This is achieved by direct access to the material pool approved by the customer without having to invest even a minute in the local development of an in-house product database. For more information, please visit: