Wilster-West transformer station - VESCON Energy successfully completes major project of TenneT TSO GmbH

A transformer station that was no longer sufficient for the rapidly increasing feed-in of renewable energies and therefore had to be replaced. In addition to that, it is located at one of the most important energy junctions for the north-south connection.

Our VESCON Energy team was involved in this major project for the customer TenneT TSO GmbH at the transformer station Wilster-West in North-Germany. It took four years until the old plant was completely disconnected from the grid and the new extra-high voltage switchgear could be put on stream.

The million-euro project is considered the core of the German energy transformation center:

Watch the video of TenneT in the column on the lef. Source: TenneT, shortened version

The existing 380 kV switchgear at the transformer station Wilster-West had reached its capacity limit. Moreover, the important energy hub should be able to receive and distribute the future transmission capacity of NordLink, SuedLink, the West Coastline, the central axis and the offshore connections in the North Sea. TenneT TSO GmbH therefore decided to renew the switchgear and brought VESCON Energy into the project. The two companies have already been working together for 17 years.

The colleagues of VESCON Energy are specialists in the high and maximum voltage environment. They conducted the complete electrical assembly for this major project. VESCON Energy initially planned the primary technology and provisional arrangements for the primary technical construction of the high and maximum voltage stations. In the secondary technical expansion, it carried out cabling work as well as the installation and connection of all control, protection and general plant components such as auxiliary power and transmission technology. A 380kV switchgear with a triple busbar, designed for up to 8,000A, was installed. The new switchgear covers an area of 18 hectares, which is the same as 25 football pitches. VESCON Energy rebuilt the plant and created the connection to the distribution network of SH-Netz with two large transformers.

"A challenge in the implementation of the project was certainly that the existing plant was already an important north-south junction. The new construction therefore had to take place without any significant interruption of the north-south connections. For that reason, we initially installed several 380kV temporary installations. In doing so, we were able to ensure that operations continued almost without interruption," says Olaf Baumgartel, Head of Business Unit Energy, explaining the complexity of the project.

Over the years, around 100 employees of VESCON Energy and subcontractors coordinated by us have been involved in the renewal. One of these employees is Stefan, who was part of the project as senior fitter. In the video (see column on the left)  he gives an insight into his daily work routine.

At the beginning of October 2020, the new transformer station Wilster-West was commissioned by TenneT. The next order is already in line for VESCON Energy: The 110kV system of the SH-Netz at the Wilster site is also to be expanded.

Technical project data:

  • Switchgear with 31 fields triple 380kV busbar
  • 2x 380kV cross coupling
  • 8x 380kV line fields
  • 2x 380kV cable fields
  • 3x 380kV transformer panels
  • 2x 380/110/30kV transformers
  • 1x 380/20kV transformer
  • 4 fields double 110kV busbar

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