Quality is our passion.

Thanks to VESCON's 20 years of business experience and profound expertise we have become experts in the application of the RUPLAN CAE system. VESCON has automated the documentation process based on our in-house developed software solution SO2, is a member of the RUPLAN-EVU development council and offers services at the highest quality standard in the market.

Our services:

  • Complete planning, projecting and construction with RUPLAN
  • Management of large projects by experienced experts
  • Automated documentation based on our SO2 software solution
  • AWT programming ·
  • Documentation, training and data migration
  • Development and maintenance of CAE corporate standards
  • Supply and management concepts master agreement partner of the power supply industry (EVU)

Your benefits:

  • Our large internal capacities guarantee flexibility and observance of deadlines
  • Significant reduction of staff needed on the customer's side thanks to our high level of initiative
  • Very high quality standard thanks to automated documentation based on our SO2 software solution
  • Flexibility of place thanks to mobile multi-screen workplaces and the option to provide our services at any of our nation-wide locations
  • In-house competence centre based on in-house IT solutions developed by our own software development department
  • Continuous support along the entire value chain guarantees a smooth flow of processes and quick problem solving.
  • Many years of experience with the standards of the automobile industry allow the safe realisation of large projects and the exploitation of synergistic benefits.
  • Cost-effective reduction of processing time within the entire engineering process thanks to the process integration of a database-driven engineering system.


  • System consulting
  • Documentation consulting
  • Conduction of feasibility studies
  • Elaboration of user requirements specifications/technical specifications
  • Creation of customized implementation scenarios


  • AWT programming
  • Interface development
  • Enhancement of existing systems


  • Planning· projecting
  • Construction
  • Management of large projects
  • Revision work
  • Data migration
  • Supplier support


  • Development, enhancement and maintenance of CAE corporate standards
  • Automated documentation


  • Basic and update training conducted by our experts
  • Individual training in RUPLAN and RUPLAN EVU


  • Competent and practical
  • Precise calculation of the support costs
  • Multilingual just in time