Competence in COMOS.

Due to our customers' strong demand and on the basis of our long-term experience in the application of the CAE software solution COMOS, we established our own VESCON competence centre near Düsseldorf. This makes VESCON a competent partner in the entire decision-making, documentation and reengineering process. Thanks to our experts’ know-how and experience in the management and implementation of projects we are in a position to provide high-quality services strictly on time. In addition, we offer premium support within 48 hours to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

Our services – your benefits:

  • Comprehensive consulting, support and maintenance for COMOS
  • Creation/modification of databases
  • Documentation, training and reengineering
  • Documentation consulting and conception
  • Development of CAE corporate standards
  • Supply and management concepts
  • Continuous support and services along the entire value chain guarantee a smooth flow of processes and quick problem solving
  • Significant reduction of staff needed by the customer thanks to our high level of initiative
  • Premium support within 48 hours, also for those companies requiring nothing but our support


  • Comprehensive consulting in COMOS
  • Conduction of feasibility studies
  • Elaboration of user requirements specifications/technical specifications
  • Creation of customized implementation scenarios


Creation of a new database:

  • Master objects
  • Automatisms
  • Templates, queries, reports
  • Creation of identification systems and e-blocks

Modification of the existing database:

  • Addition of new/variable objects, automatisms and variable templates
  • E-block techniques
  • Inheritance mechanisms at objects e-blocks


  • Documentation of the customising services provided
  • Documentation of customised user manuals:
    • Manuals adapted to the individual workflow
    • Manuals considering the latest modified user interface and thus allowing independent working in the system


  • Basic and update training courses conducted by our experts
  • Automation designer training courses
  • ET training courses
  • COMOS E&IC training courses
  • Individual training
  • Training on the job


  • Documentation of old plants and representation of obtained information within the COMOS environment - either in the existing one or in the one to be newly created.
  • “Conversion” of old data
  • Representation of the existing data within the COMOS environment – either in the existing one or in the one to be newly created.

E-Mail Support

  • Competent and practical
  • Exact calculation of support costs
  • No time-related costs on the customer's side

Database maintenance

  • Master data objects
  • Release change