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Projektleitung Automatisierung / CMSE
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Safety Technology

Safety at work.

In order to guarantee maximum safety for man and plant, safety-related fault-tolerant systems are indispensable. The respective control systems monitor themselves and identify errors automatically. As soon as an error is identified, these control systems switch into a safe status, thus preventing accidents and damages.

Phase 1: Project Planning

  • Creation of a safety layout
  • Advice when selecting electro-technical components
  • Creation of safety matrix
  • Programming safety control systems (Phoenix, Pilz and Siemens)

Phase 2: Implementation

  • Start-up of safety system
  • Configuration of the electro-sensitive safety system
  • Scanners, light curtains and their usage
  • Electrical overall check of plants

Phase 3: Documentation

  • Creation of acceptance documents
  • Sistema verification

Phase 4: Maintenance

  • Creation of maintenance schedules and regular checks