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Planning can be SO efficient.

SO is a well proven and state-of-the-art planning tool for use in the field of plant and automation technology. The core of the system is the schematic layout which is the basis for the planning of electrical as well as fluid-technological installations in complex plants and for creating high quality documentations in the CAE target system. SO is not only an efficient design instrument but also the communication basis for project discussions. During the 15 years of its development history, SO has adapted perfectly to the demands of the automobile and plant engineering industry.


Central approach

  • Access to a central layout from different locations
  • Suppliers, service providers and operators work on the same platform.
  • All relevant projecting data can be found in one central place at an early stage which helps identifying and correcting planning faults very quickly.

Powerful Layout Techniques

  • Thanks to the polygon technology different areas that are functionally connected can be graphically represented and processed as one coherent unit.
  • The layout interface allows a logical BUS planning of complex BUS systems with the help of a simple joining technique.

Ergonomic Approach

  • Being visually supported the project planner quickly obtains a precise and deep understanding of the spatial arrangement and functional relations.
  • New staff members become acquainted with the technical character of a project significantly faster than they would do with more abstract tools.

Quality and Costs

  • Optimisation of project processes and information exchange thanks to improved communication on the basis of the central layout
  • More quality and less costs through the high standardization of the technical documentation