Our Weakness

Looking at the big picture:
Our passion for art.

Modern work environments are made up of more than just office areas and equipment. Work spaces are living environments where work meets other spheres of life. These living environments, however, are subject to permanent changes which make us know more and more about less and less. When trying to stay in touch with the world of perception, art can be a valuable helper.

Art is a sensory counterbalance to facts and figures. It helps people become aware of backgrounds, analyse intentions and abandon seemingly safe perspectives in order to expand horizons. VESCON has made the relationship between work and art a cornerstone of its corporate culture. Employees, customers and visitors can enjoy numerous original works of art exhibited in our offices – and let themselves be inspired by them.

VESCON Art Catalogues and Vernissages

Through the annual publication of art catalogues and the regular organisation of vernissages, we introduce interesting contemporary artists and a selection of their works to our business partners and to the general public. We consider this kind of art promotion a fixed part of our corporate culture and are happy to see that our activities contribute to the artists’ progress and success.


Roland Trettl and Helge Kirchberger | 2018
Timo Heiny | 2017
Michael Maier | 2016
Anoka Faruqee | 2015
Jack Bauer | 2014
Hermann Nitsch | 2013
Paul Renner | 2012
Anna-Maria Bogner | 2011
Christian Eisenberger | 2010
Sebastian Stenzel | 2009
Arthur Redhead | 2008
Günter Brus | 2007
A. Resch – A. Reinisch | 2006
Herbert Soltys | 2004
Prof. Heinrich Charusa | 2003
Heinz Günther Leitner | 2002
Jörg Schlick | 2001
Peter Dunkl | 2000
Johann Hauser | 1999
Ingrid Moschik | 1998
Otto Brunner | 1997
Vida Sajko | 1996