Both thumbs up.

Sabine always has a smile on her face. Even though her to-do list is once again overflowing and her appointments are coming and going like clockwork, it seems to make little difference to the HR specialist – on the contrary. How does Sabine handle it and what does it all have to do with tomatoes?

The red, yellow and even blue nightshade plants seem to possess a secret super power. At least for Sabine, who cultivates several tomato varieties on her balcony, next to cucumbers, herbs and other floral gems that thrive there. “I love gardening, even though I only have a balcony. If you work all day in a mentally demanding job, it is a wonderful balance to do something with your hands. And in the end, there’s something delicious on your plate to show for it.” This brings us to another of Sabine’s passions: cooking and everything to do with it. She also likes to spend her holidays in Italy, for the food. “The variety of Italian cuisine is simply unbeatable. And all the locations steeped in history are simply beautiful. Whenever I visit a place for the first time, I simply start walking around and explore the streets on foot. Just follow your nose, that’s where you discover the most interesting experiences.” Enjoying the beautiful things in life, is that the secret to her serenity? “It’s certainly not a hinderance,” smiles the 35-year-old.

Sabine has been working for the VESCON Group in Eching near Munich since June, 2017. Together with other colleagues, she is responsible for Human Resource & Marketing. “Finding good employees and offering them an environment in which they feel comfortable is one of the greatest challenges for a successful company like VESCON.” And what convinced you to work for VESCON? “As an HR officer, the application process immediately called my attention, because it is pleasantly different from other companies. The entire communication process, right up to the interview, gave me a very good feeling from the start. And that was later confirmed on the job.”

The fact that the work at VESCON is so enjoyable is certainly also due to the new, modern space the Eching office moved into in 2017. Sabine is particularly fond of the large roof-top terrace: “Here you can enjoy your lunch break with your colleagues or have a glass of wine together in the evening.” How long will it take for Sabine to bring some seedlings with her? “Why don't you come by and have a look for yourself, we're always delighted to have guests.”