Regional and Distribution Networks

The Future Down to the Smallest Detail.

Although regional and distribution networks are not that much in the focus of politicians and the media, they will have to undergo fundamental changes as well. The rapid increase in renewable energies within the energy mix requires continuous extension and restructuring of the network. Apart from this, the expanding network with its intermeshing getting closer and closer increases the demands on existing plants and equipment, for example, with regard to the short circuit strength or the promptness and selectivity of the protection systems.

VESCON has also a wide experience in the field of high and medium voltage systems. We can offer our customers the entire range of services – from project development to planning and assembling up to the plant start-up. As partners to the distribution network operators, we face up to the future demands when it comes to the extension and modernisation of the system and provide our customers with our profound knowledge together with a high level of reliability and quality.

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