Protection Engineering

More to it Than Just the Name.

Today, protection engineering is about more than just protecting plants in transmission, distribution and industrial networks: In fact, it plays a decisive role in the stabilization of the networks. Protection technology has undergone a long developing process until today's full digitalization. By now, modern digital protection systems have become highly complex and require not only the profound knowledge of measured value/signal processing and protection algorithms but also solid programming skills.

From electromechanical to state-of-the-art digital protection systems: throughout  the entire history of the protection technology development VESCON has always been one of the leading suppliers. For this reason, we have excellent knowledge in this field and offer almost the entire range of services:

  • Manufacturer-independent selection of the protection systems
  • Calculation and parameterization of the default setting
  • Planning and construction of the interface connection
  • Construction of protective cabinets, dismantling and assembling protection relays
  • Checking the proper function of the protection systems
  • Software updating, parameterization and failure analysis
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