Auxiliary Installations and Ripple Control Systems

Safety for Every Scenario.

Secured auxiliary installations are a must when it comes to the power supply in today's industrial environment. It is not only about mastering "normal " load scenarios, but also about maintaining the protective, controlling and monitoring functions of the network in case of a power failure. As a rule, battery-backed systems are used for this purpose which allow the uninterrupted operation for several hours.

VESCON plans, dimensions and constructs efficient auxiliary installations – both for three-phase current and direct current systems. In many cases, assembly operations on auxiliary systems can only be carried out without switching off the plant. For this reason, VESCON has trained selected service technicians for working at voltages of up to 1.000 V.

VESCON can look back on more than 10 years of experience in assembling ripple control systems (audio frequency control systems). These plants are used for the large-scale control of tariffs and loads. On behalf of network providers, we install many different systems by various manufacturers, connect them and put them into operation.

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