Vitamin V

Fit with Fun:
Our Vitamin V health initiative.

Whether back and spine exercise courses, a stress management course or stand-up paddling: The Vitamin V health initiative offers numerous activities that can be used free of charge by all employees. The focus is not only on health and fitness but also on having fun together.

A high dose of good spirits:
The Vitamin V catalogue.

Whether it's physical exercise, mental exercises or a healthy diet: the Vitamin V program is so diverse, that everyone can find something suitable. The course catalog is geared toward the wishes and need of VESCON's employees. Heach location and office as persons of contact for the Vitamin V program, who collect ideas from collegues and try to incorporate them in the planned offerings. Some of the especially popular activities include: 

  • Health days
  • Fitness, stability and mental exercises such as active breaks during work or during lunch break
  • Nutritional advice and cooking workshops
  • Measurements such as cardioscan, respiratory gas analysis or blood pressure
  • Outdoor activities such as canoeing tours and SUP meets
  • Courses and workshops dealing with resilience and mindfulness
  • Participation in various company runs
  • Seasonal offerings such as a pace challenge
  • Favourable conditions for e-bike leasing

Healthy Development.

The success story of the Vitamin V health initiative – from its beginnings until today.

Our health initiative has officially been around since 2015. Since then, it has shown an increasing popularity among the colleagues of all VESCON locations and offices. It all began with the first health day, held in Frankenthal in 2012. At that time, an employee survey showed interest in further health offerings and as a result, the first spinal course was offered in cooperation with the Techniker Krankenkasse health insurance company in 2013. The response was so positive that the 2014 offerings were expanded to include movement and relaxation exercises as part of the “active lunch break”.

“After the first two activies were so well received, the official launch of our health initiative was in 2015,” recalls Pia Seibel “The baby got its own name and with Dr. Klaus Weiß and his RiBe Institute for Health Promotion we were able to gain an experienced partner for Vitamin V.” Since then Dr. Klaus Weiß has been supporting our health initiative.

In 2016, the Vitamin V catalogue was further expanded. Since then, there has been a Vitamin V Scout at each location, who provides colleagues with advice and implements the campaigns.”At the same time, we introduced an annual theme, around which the Vitamin V catalogue revolves each year. The focus in 2016 was on Ergonomics, and in 2017 on Nutrition and Energy. In 2018, Vitamin V offerings revolved around Mental Strength and in 2019, the theme for the year is “Stronger Together”.

You are what you eat.

In addition to offerings that revolve around exercise or workplace ergonomics, healthy nutrition also has a firm place in Vitamin V.

A varied and balanced diet is the be-all and end-all to good health. This is unfortunately not always so easy to implement in daily working life, when deadlines and projects are tight. Vitamin V shows that it can still be done and with less effort than many people think through special events.

This is the case, for example, at our Cologne location. Here the colleagues* met together with a nutritionist for an extended healthy “vital” breakfast and learned a lot about healthy and easy-to-prepare snacks, which are also suitable for lunch as a tasty alternative to curry sausage and the like. At the Frankenthal location, the colleagues* were very enthusiastic about a cooking course held in an adventure kitchen nearby. In addition to a lot of fun, this course also made participants realise that healthy nutrition is not that expensive and can be integrated into working life.

An offer that will move you.

Our bike for health: the e-bikes from Vitamin V.

Vitamin V is also electrified by the e-bike trend and offers all employees* the opportunity to lease an e-bike at particularly favourable conditions. Our colleague, Heiko Habicht, tried it out.

Vitamin V: Heiko, what exactly does Vvitamin V offer and why did you choose it?

Heiko Habicht: We have a cooperation with two external companies, through which we can lease high-quality e-bikes at low prices. The e-bikes can be used both professionally and in my leisure time and at the end of the 3-year leasing period everyone can decide whether they want to take keep the bike or lease a new one. For me, this offer was attractive not only in financial terms but above all because I wanted to move more.

Vitamin V: Do you use the e-bike regularly?

Heiko Habicht: Yes, I ride it to work whenever the weather’s good. That’s 50 kilometres for the entire trip. You are moving around and do something for your fitness and yet you don’t arrive at the office completely exhausted. I often ride the e-bike also in my leisure time. I had it for example with me on holiday.

Vitamin V: And what are leasing costs like?

Heiko Habicht: The leasing rates are moderate, and if I want to keep the bike after leasing it for a small final payment, I save about 15% compared to the normal purchase price. It’s well worth it.

Vitamin V: You are the contact person for Vitamin V at the Haan office. What is the feedback from your colleagues* on the e-bike offering?

Heiko Habicht: The interest is definitely there. I am often asked about the e-bikes and asked for details. And I really recommend the offering. E-bikes are fun, good for fitness and the value for money is also absolutely fair.

Vitamin V: Heiko, thank you very much for the interview and happy trails to you!

Back’s in line, everything’s fine.

The back course offered by Vitamin V is one of the offerings that are very popular. What does it bring and how does it make you feel? We asked our colleague Michael Roth from Frankenthal.

Vitamin V: Michael, what made you decide to attend the Vitamin V back courses and what has your experience been like?

Michael Roth: The older you get, the more you feel the effects of the constant office work, which consists to a large extent of working while sitting. Overtime time the tenseness increased more and more. The back course offered by Vitamin V was thus very convenient for me. My experience is absolutely positive, the offering has helped me a lot. Of course, certain relaxation exercises can also be done alone at home, but usually there is no time or motivation. It’s easier and more fun in a group. That's also why I decided to take the Vitamin V course.

Vitamin V: What exactly is the back course like? What do you learn there and how long does the course last?

Michael Roth: The course lasted several weeks and took place once a week directly at our Frankenthal office. On average, there were five participants. We had a very good instructor who showed us how to loosen the back muscles properly with specific exercises to target the area. In addition, there were of course also practical tips for daily working life, such as sitting posture.

Vitamin V: Is there anything you want for future back courses offered by Vitamin V?

Michael Roth: Yes, more sessions. The course should take place not just once a week but preferably twice. But this will probably be difficult to realise in terms of time.

Vitamin V: Did you take advantage of any other Vitamin V offerings besides the back course?

Michael Roth: Yes, I have already taken part in the cooking course in the adventure kitchen in Speyer. It was really a great event and all participants were truly inspired. think there are a lot of interesting offerings from Vitamin V, and I will definitely try other things in the future.

Vitamin V: Michael, thank you very much for your insights – and continue to have fun with Vitamin V.