Electrical Planning
VESCON Systemtechnik

Everything’s in flow.

When the designers at VESCON Systemtechnik have devised a new system – what can it do? At first, not much. Because only those who know where the blood vessels – the electrical wires – lay can breathe life into the machines. That’s why VESCON has people like Manuel.

"No two systems are the same,” says Manuel, and it is exactly this variety that he loves so much. After all, this guarantees that things never get boring when it comes to creating electrical diagrams - A task which usually begins with a handover meeting with colleagues from the Design department. Equipped with all 3D data and customer specifications and quotations, Manuel then gets to work and creates impulses. 

Armed with electrotechnical knowledge, precision and the ability to work in a team, the next step is to get the entire electrical plan layed out. This includes, for example, the overall and detailed layouts of the systems that Manuel creates with the SO3 software developed by VESCON. In addition, he takes care of the control cabinet layout, as well as the entire electrical documentation. In theory, what should flow can now flow. In reality, the complete electrical plan is then sent to the colleagues in the Electrical Installation and PLC departments for the implementation.

It may sound a little dry to outsiders, but it’s not - quite the contrary to Manuel. And of course, fun plays a big part in this line of work, especially for Manuel and his colleagues. The overall team moral is very good, which is reflected in the fact that people like to ring in the evening with a cold drink together. Every now and then something else other than electricity has to flow  ...