Virtual Commissioning Project Manager
VESCON Automation

The Simulator.

When it comes to simulating, it is hard to outdo Benjamin. We are not talking about feigning the flu or other ailments. Rather, we are talking about Virtual Commissioning, with which the tasks and machines in a plant or factory can be simulated, long before they turn into an operational reality.

In medicine, simulators are quite unpopular. In Automation, on the other hand, simulation experts are in extremely high demand. Wherever Benjamin and his team are involved, all parties profit; not surprisingly so, since costs for complex plant systems can be greatly reduced with Virtual Commissioning. During the development stage, Benjamin and his team simulate all functional procecesses on the computer and can then make adjustments for optimisation and identify possible sources of error. When the plant is then later built and set into motion, everything goes off without a hitch. That saves time and therefore a lot of money.

Whoever wants to shine in the virtual world, has to bring a lot of real-life kno-how to the table – just as Benjamin did in 2003 when he started at VESCON. He got his foot in the door at the time through a colleague who worked at VESCON and has since grown into a true specialist in all areas of Virtual Commissioning thanks to his curiosity and commitment. As a specialist in his field, he values his work at VESCON because of the unity within his team, the dynamic work environment and, of course, the good salary.

What does Benjamin do in his free time when he is not busy with virtual commissioning? He is busy with virtual commissioning, because it really is on of his hobbies. Which definitely means without a doubt: if there is something that Benjamin is definitely not simulating it is his passion for his profession.